1. A

    Tena slip maxi medium or large?

    Hi there, finally plucked myself up enough to make an account and start posting and sharing! So I’m about to buy some Tena slip maxi active fit, but I’m not sure wheather to go for medium or large, it states that the mediums are 28-48 inches and the larges are 36-57. Now I’m around a 38 inch...
  2. P


    I have been a diaper lover in the closet for a while now it stated at the age of 12. Now at 23 I find myself occasionally buying a pack of goodnights pull-ups to wear and use at home. It started when I was twelve and my grandma thought I would pee the bed after working in the woods all day...
  3. Uggu

    Ever just wonder why?

    I know the majority of us already accepted this side of our selfs, but ever just put yourself in someone else shoes? Like, I know I like diapers and love the feel of a full wet diaper with sap between my legs and sometimes feel like a baby. But... why? Idk. Like right now... the regular person...
  4. jt1220

    Utah Diaper Lover Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm just a born-this-way diaper lover from Utah. I'm an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've been into diapers my whole life, and I can't seem to find a way to break up with them. I'm married with 3 beautiful kids. Just here to make friends.
  5. Canadian24baby7

    Hello From Atlantic Canada

    Hello Male here from Atlantic Canada! :thumbsup:
  6. tanrog


    Hi! My name is tanner, and I am a diaper lover. Ive been a DL since about 10. I love the country living life, and wide open spaces where I can be me! By day I'm a lube tech at a shop, and taking classes to be a full time mechanic. By night, i mow and trim yards while its still daylight to help...
  7. N

    Balancing your DL life

    Hi all, im just wondering how everyone manages to balance their DL life with the rest of their life, things like work, friends, partners college / uni etc. I feel as if i am getting better at balancing everything out so wanted to know how everyone else does it!
  8. R


    Hi! I'm new to the site although I don't use it often. I live in south eastern Michigan about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor. Always looking to meet up with someone!
  9. B


    hi i just join today. i am a nineteen year old filipina girl living in taiwan. i have been a baby girl since twelve. i sleep in a crib, drink from a baby bottle, always wear pamper slip-on diapers and suck on my pacifier when not nursing. i always pee and mess in my diapers. i am also a...
  10. Y

    I'm the girlfriend of a DL

    I posted my confession almost 2 weeks ago now (copied and pasted right at the bottom if you missed it. My girlfriend really wanted to share her side of things which I only just read 5 minutes ago myself. She wanted me to post it straight away so here you go: I'm the girlfriend.... So, you've...
  11. P

    New to site and wearing!

    So I'm new to this site, hi! Just about 3 days ago I told my husband I like to wear diapers. We had a pack of Tenas we used once or twice for other things and decided to just try one on and fell in love. I feel so comfortable, and submissive too. I felt so awkward telling my husband but to my...
  12. P

    Advice...needed please...

    Hi all, New here but the reason why I'm here is that couple years my and my girlfriend got together as daddy and little girl anyway she knew I was into nappies strongly... Anyway moving forward today things happen along the way which was my fault and I really regret what I did was extremely...
  13. F

    Finding Diapers in Paris.

    Hello, I have recently moved to Paris and I am finally living by myself and I am able to buy and wear diapers now. However ordering them is not an option seeing as I have to go to my work place to pick them up and I am NOT risking that. Before the holidays I was able to buy Tena Slip Maxis and...
  14. bluejewel

    Big Ol' hello from NC

    Hello, I am new to the site and I am a BIG diaper lover I've been into diapers since I was 16. I enjoy tons of thing while padded and unpadded, I love to swim and go on hikes, I also love to go hunting and fishing. When i'm not feeling so active I enjoy just reading manga or watching anime as...
  15. D

    G'day from Australia

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to write a quick note and say hi! I'm a longtime DL living in Australia into online gaming, personal fitness, cooking and a bunch of other things. My favorite nappy/diaper at the moment is the bambino, I've also tried super dry kids but I think I like the bambino...
  16. NoTimPlus

    A little About Me

    Hi my name is Tim and I am a DL. I love to sleep in Diapers and I am hoping to uncontrollably wet the bed soon. Sometimes I will smoke and put on a diaper and just relax and remember the carefree days of my life. I'm from the SouthEast part of Iowa. Peace
  17. T

    Hello! :3

    Greetings from San Diego! Anyways, my names Zach, I'm very shy and quiet (I only act myself if i'm completing comfortable around you). I started to become fascinated in diapers when I was about 8, I remember whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom, we would pass the diaper aisle and I would...
  18. L

    Hello :)

    Hello! I'm Emily I study film at college, I have never actually met anyone or spoken to anyone who is into this :( Would be nice to get to know people :) I've been into this since I can remember really! Into nappies, regressing, abdl and wetting. Would be nice to hear from people :) xxxxx
  19. S

    Buying my own diapers for the first time.

    Any tips?
  20. TheOtherNinja

    DLism leading to IC in sex?

    Not sure if a thread like this already exists, but couldn't find anything upon searching, so here goes... I am female DL and have found that since starting to indulge in mastrubating in a diaper, I have discovered that when I get too excited, I loose control of bladder and sphincter. Bladder...