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ADISC (AB/DL/IC Support Community) Privacy Policy

  • ADISC is a support community. As such, we take privacy very seriously.
  • This page outlines how we gather, use, and otherwise manage information about you.
What information do you collect?
We collect the following categories of information:
  • Information that you send us yourself, such as the account information you enter when joining our community, the content you submit to us for publishing in our community, and any email you send us.
  • Standard information that your software gives us automatically when you access our community, such as your language preference, the previous web page you were on, the page you are asking us our website to show you, your IP address, and the date/time. Your web browser automatically provides this standard information to all websites you visit, whenever you request any web page.
  • In some cases, we may get information about you from other places on the web. For example, we may use a geo-location service to convert your computer's IP address into a guess at your physical location, for the purposes of pre-filling a 'location' field in a form, detecting fraud, or enforcing our community rules.

What purpose do you use the information for?

  • We use it to run, maintain, protect, develop, enforce the rules of, and otherwise improve, ADISC.
  • We are a volunteer-run support community, not a business.
  • We are not seeking to make money from you, or your data.
What is your legal basis for storing this information?
  • We store information on the basis that it is within our legitimate interest to do so.
  • Our interest is in providing support, community and discussion forums to AB/DL/IC people, their friends, family, and allies. We couldn't serve this interest, and thus help you, without storing this data.
What is your data retention policy?
  • Data is retained until it is deleted, either by you, or by us.
  • When we determine that certain data is only useful for a set period of time, we may automatically delete it after that time.
Can I view/edit/delete data about me?

  • Most data we hold about you (e.g: your blogs, photos, links on your profile, etc) you can view, edit or delete at any time, via our website.
  • You can only edit your posts on our forum for a limited time after you make them. After that time is over, you must contact us if you want them edited/deleted. Deleting posts is a destructive process that damages our community, infringes on our core interest to provide a supportive discussion forum, creates fraud concerns, etc. We will generally edit/delete specific, individual posts of yours that contain personal information, or otherwise cause a problem for you, if you ask us to. We will generally not mass-delete all posts you've ever made.
  • We must retain certain data about you (e.g: your DOB) for, at minimum, as long as you have an account with us. This is necessary for fraud prevention, legal and technical reasons.
  • There is also some data (e.g: entries in server log, including your IP address) that we must retain on all visitors, including those without accounts. We must retain this in order to enforce our terms of service, protect ourselves from cyberattacks, and prevent fraud.
Browser-Specific Privacy

  • Like almost every other website, we rely on cookies to enable basic functionality. This includes logging in, remembering your preferences, and generally providing you a high quality online community to participate in.
  • We also use cookies for the purpose of generating anonymous statistics about visitors. See the "Google Analytics" section below for information on how that works.
  • We do not use cookies for commercial purposes.
"Do Not Track" Setting

  • Like most websites, we do not treat people differently based on the "Do Not Track" setting of their browser. DNT was intended to be a signal to ad networks, but we don't use ads or ad networks on ADISC, so it is redundant.
  • For further information, see Wikipedia and
Third Parties

Data Sharing

  • We do not rent or sell data about you.
  • We do not allow paid advertising, or ad networks, nor do we share your data for advertising purposes.
  • We do not allow social networking plug-ins (like Facebook Connect), nor do we share your data with them. We encourage all our members to avoid sharing sensitive information on social networking accounts operated by for-profit, data-driven companies that force you to post under your real name.
  • We only share data about you in limited circumstances, such as:
    • The data is public, such as your posts to public forums, or the public information on your profile. Visitors to this site, including Google, can see public data.
    • It is necessary in order to fulfill your wishes/requests. For example, if you are gifting us money, we may have to share limited information about the gift with our payment processor, in order for them to process the gift.
    • It is necessary in order for ADISC's services and infrastructure to work. For example, if, we route our outgoing 'please verify your email address' email through a third party email service, then we will have to share your email with them for that to work.
    • Exceptional circumstances apply. This would include, but is not limited to, situations where doing so is required in order to comply with the law, alert authorities to a suicidal person needing help, report a serious crime, or similarly deal with a vital emergency. This also covers situations where we are defending ourselves, our reputation, or our rights.
Google Analytics
  • We use a tool called "Google Analytics" to generate statistics about our community, such as what percentage of visitors stay more than 30 minutes, what percentage browse the site on a mobile phone, and so on.
  • This is an extremely common practice among websites, and the reports generated are aggregate statistics only, not intended to identify any particular person.
  • For more info about GA, see Their Privacy Policy.

Automated Decision-Making

  • We use an automated leveling system that assigns you a rank in the community based on the quantity and quality of your contributions. Your rank influences what permissions you have in our community.
  • For more information, see leveling up on ADISC.
GDPR Notice (EU-Only)
  • This section only applies to residents of the European Union.
  • The GDPR asserts that EU residents have a long list of rights with regards to data about them, including rights to access it, rectify errors/omissions, restrict/suspend processing of it, complain about it to a supervisory authority, and in some cases get it in a portable format, withdraw consent for processing it, objecting to its processing, objecting to its processing for direct marketing purposes, and so forth. The extent of these rights depends on many factors.
  • If you wish to make a request to us under the GDPR, you can, but:
    • You will probably need to show us your government-issued ID (to prove that you live in or are a citizen of Europe), before you can make any request under the GDPR.
    • You will need to clearly state your request, and allow us time to examine the GDPR to determine if it supports that request or not.
    • If we decide to grant the request, processing may take several weeks.
    • We may decide to block you from accessing or participating in our community in future. We're a support community run by volunteers. Our staff doesn't get paid for the work they do here. Members who create disproportionately large amounts of administrative hassle for us (such as by submitting extremely time-consuming GDPR requests, especially invalid ones) are just not worth the trouble to have as members. ADISC is private property, and we are under no obligation to let someone use it if we don't want to.

Gifts / Donations
We are funded by gifts of money to our admin.
We seek to minimize the amount of personal information we collect from donors. Still, PayPal (which we use to process donations) does not allow the process to be completely anonymous.
Each donation is recorded with the following personal information:
  • Real name of sender (PayPal requires this)
  • ADISC username of sender (so we can maintain our records, and prevent fraud)
  • Email address of sender (PayPal requires this)
  • Date/Time (PayPal requires this)
These records are only accessible to our admin.
We are not able to modify or delete them.
You can, however, take several steps to make your donation as anonymous as possible.
  • Set your PayPal account up as a business account, which will then cause it to display your 'business name' (which can be anything) in place of your real name. Do this, and we won't be able to see your real name.
  • Double-check that the email for your PayPal account isn't obviously connected to your real name.

Effective Date
  • This privacy policy is effective from Mar 31st, 2019.
  • ADISC is based in the USA.
  • If you do not live in the USA, then:
    • By using ADISC, you are sending information to the USA.
    • The laws of the USA may be different to those of your home country.
    • The laws of your home country might no longer apply.
How do I get notified about changes to this policy?
  • Updates are typically announced in the News forum.
How do I contact you for privacy questions?
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