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  • Server performance is very good. We just completed a very extensive server migration, and as part of that, paid for 2019's hosting up front on a yearly plan. So, we won't be able to change provider again for a long while. Don't worry about donating again yet, I'll put up a donation page for operating costs when it becomes needed. Thanks again for your support!
    How is your server performance? Does your hosted server need upgrades? Is it leased or are you just renting space? If it needs an upgrade, what are the relative costs including overhead and monthly fees? If it doesn't need an upgrade then we can carry on. If it does, I can certainly help. Don't get me wrong. I am far from rich but I do have some disposable income.
    I was wondering if you need some help. I can start with a donation (no strings) and I will stick around here for a while for you guys to determine my value and trust. If you are interested in a donation, you can e-mail me at my accounts e-mail address. I can be more open about my qualifications through e-mail. Anyway, you provide a much needed wellness service to us and I like to support things I believe in.
    Pretty good. Working on the registration code, and updating old 'about adisc' articles/help pages. :)
    I think I've been getting enough sleep. The upgrade is pretty intense, though.
    So with your RL job and this Upgrade have you gotten any sleep in the last week?
    I had the ability to write on my profile turned off for aaaages. The migration to v5 turned it back on. That's why. :)
    Why hello there almighty one :D, I've never seen you being active in threads before, apart from administrator stuff
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