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  • chamberpot
    POOR DELIVERY GUY !!! My last delivery from Northshore Had a case of large surpream's , a case of Large megamax, 2 packs of boosters ...
  • sbmccue
    sbmccue replied to the thread Need advise on highchairs.
    My highchair, purchased on Etsy, was delivered this afternoon. It's very big, but I won't be forgetting I'm a little when my nanny...
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  • dadboddl
    I have got to point in my life that I don't care what anybody thinks. I have over 3 cases coming from NS this week. Poor fedex guy will...
  • B
    I used to worry about my packages getting intercepted by my Mom, but as for The Delivery Man? Their job is to make deliveries, they...
  • neophyte
    neophyte reacted to Slomo's post in the thread Fetlife groups with Like Like.
    Ha, that's what I've been doing for the past 20 years. And it shows too. If you think it's bad now then you should have seen how...
  • B
    They are one of the brand name bags with that texturized looking pattern on it that is supposed to make them strong, like I said I think...
  • DannyBBaby
    I wear cloth diapers 24/7 so I'm wearing when I'm at work to. 👍
  • O
    Orange replied to the thread What languages do you speak?.
    Fluently? Just English, but I speak Español y Русский well enough to get by in countries where those are the primary languages and read...
  • M
    I want to make sure I am wearing diapers and keeping my Uti from getting worse . my sister says I should pee maybe 2 times or not at...
  • Poofybutt
    Poofybutt posted the thread Giveaways in Adult Baby.
    So I had some friends in this past weekend and the night before, I got to regressing. Well, I must have went a little overboard with the...
  • T
    I am currently in a wet and messy Dry 24/7 diaper. Will be changing shortly into a Seni Super Plus diaper.
  • T
    Tundra1975 replied to the thread Dental surgery.
    If you are incontinent you should always wear a diaper.
  • SicartheaSpikefan
    SicartheaSpikefan reacted to Mariofan64's post in the thread Penis Size with Like Like.
    Well, my... *ahem* “turtle” as mommy calls it is perfect she says. I’ve been called big by past partners but never called small. Oddly...
  • trysexiea
    trysexiea replied to the thread HELP.
    The non adults people never respond that he is not an adult anyway.
  • Slomo
    Slomo replied to the thread Why do poopy diapers stink?.
    Guess not. Um, maybe poopy diapers stink because poop stinks. Just a thought.