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  • mickdl
    mickdl replied to the thread Peeing the bed while visiting.
    It's exactly like Rob say... I also take bed pads with me if I don't know if mattress protectors are available. Diapers sometimes leak -...
  • Rob110
    Rob110 replied to the thread Diaper bag at events?.
    You will be fine, they probably see adult diapers all the time at events, put your diapers in large clear ziplock bags to protect them...
  • Rob110
    Rob110 replied to the thread Peeing the bed while visiting.
    Sorry to hear your diaper leaked, maybe offer to replace your sister inlaws mattress especially if its new. Next time your stay over...
  • AEsahaettr
    AEsahaettr replied to the thread Diaper Roulette.
    This sounds a lot like involving other people in your fetish which is poor form. It's not fundamentally different from being a flasher.
  • Twee
    Twee replied to the thread Shaving down there.
    Ok thanks , I’ll look into it
  • Twee
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    I linked to the one I use and like in my original post, but it was pretty hidden so no worries! Braun Silk Epil 9 When I was first...
  • Zeke
    For board games it was Mousetrap, Monopoly, and chess (although it used the same board I never liked checkers). I was a big fan of...
  • Twee
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    That's the way my incontinence started before I began peeing myself and my bed all the time. Now I'm in diapers 24/7 and don't even...
  • billybobtombo
    billybobtombo replied to the thread NappiesRUs deliveries?.
    I do get that "we" can always feel what it is through the packaging, but would most people? I don't know, but I'd have thought unlikely...
  • sissybaby34
    They are not Plastic, they are rubber. I have some pants from this company, yes they are expensive but the quality is excellent. They...
  • sambus
    sambus reacted to PCS's post in the thread UK disposable nappy nostalgia 80s/90s with Like Like.
    Certainly most did, including most own-brands but many budget brands remained plastic backed for over a decade longer. The last plastics...
  • L
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    I have to wear diapers and I've become completely comfortable with it. At the same time I enjoy wearing and peeing in them. Social...
  • boostergold
    Plock and super Mario world for the snes and Pokemon yellow/ ruby
  • AEsahaettr
    AEsahaettr replied to the thread AB/DLism in popular culture.
    So I don't know if this has been brought up before, but there are some ABDL references in a pair of sketches from Julie Nolke:
  • Teddy02
    The times I have had to use catheters I have found them uncomfortable to painful. After my prostate operation, when a catheter was a...