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As someone who works in fashion, this is one of my favourite topics of discussion.

I tend to really like dressing quite formally, even if I'm just doing casual things like going to the pub or shopping. I love wearing a blazer, shirt & tie* (*or knitwear) and loafers, and just feel more confident when I'm dressed that way. So, I guess I'd say my style is kind of Preppy, but I lean slightly more to the Mad Men aesthetic. If it's summer, though, I'll sometimes go more casual with graphic t-shirt and shorts. :)

How about fellow ADISCers? How do you like to dress? Do you just slip on the comfiest thing you can find, or have you developed a specific style which is all your own? :)
I guess I would go with "red neck".

Sweat pants and a pocket tee shirt. Shoes if I am going out and do not care what other people think.
I don't know what you would call my style. I mainly wear a t-shirt and black cargo pants.
I'm mainly into the whole "simple as I can get away with" thing.

At work that's basically somewhat dressy pants and a polo shirt. Usually black, but I have some blue, red, and grey.
Outside of work I usually go for sweatpants and a t-shirt.
Pretty casual. Mostly jeans, although I did start wearing shorts again last year in the warm weather - I have to keep my legs shaved now because I swim. T-shirts, turtle/mocknecks, sweaters, simple blouses.
Football hooligan casual
Jeans, designer polo shirt and pastel coloured jumper.
White Adidas trainers
While it's not really my goal, I guess my style is closest to indie. Jeans, t-shirts, plaid button-ups, hoodies. It's pretty normal tbh, not really a specific style, but with how my clothes are, that's probably the closest.
Definitely casual. I wear whatever feels most comfortable to me. Although sometimes from time to time, I'll wear a video-game related shirt.
I'm pretty drastically feminine even in my "adult space", sometimes I really still cling to the youthful stuff.. but sometimes it's more "mature" feminine as well. Most of the time though I crawl through the world trying to find things with a happy vibe, happy colors, dresses and skirts are usually a must. So.. preppy, girly, femme, whatever you wanna call it. Hehe.
Lots of us on the casual/simple/comfortable side.

I often go to town dressed like I'm going hiking in the mountains. Outdoor pants (one size too big) and T-shirt. 2 long sleeve T-shirts now in winter (I prefer that to having one thick layer). Running shoes almost always.

Sometimes I enjoy dressing up to theatre or a similar occasion, but not too often.

At one point of my working life I had to wear suit+tie every day and I hated that (especially when combined with the daily commute in super hot or super freezing weather). I felt like I was faking something.
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Generally, my style is something I'll call reworked classical. If I'm doing something "event"ish, I'll throw on a jacket. I wear classic hats according to the old rules of hat etiquette (generally a light gray fedora with a long coat during the three Michigan seasons that require outerwear, the straw hat shown above during the summer). Sometimes, I'll go pretty casual with a plain t-shirt or hoodie with cargos. This happens much less often, but sometimes it just feels right.

Also, I don't wear blue jeans. I stopped wearing blue jeans after high school, and I don't plan to start wearing them again any time soon. I find them a detestable uniform of the masses that don't look particularly good on particularly many people. Also, I don't like how they're generally cut and fit. I'm pretty much a khaki, chino, and occasionally cargo guy. Those all work in pretty much every situation short of ones that demand a suit.

At any rate, I don't ever look like I just grabbed random clothes and put them on, even if I grabbed random clothes and put them on. I generally only buy clothes that work with other clothes. I buy jackets that I can wear with a wide range of things. I buy pants I can wear with a wide variety of things. I buy shirts I can wear with a wide variety of things.

So yeah, reworked classical.
Trendy I guess...
But only what is "wearable" and looks good. I like street fashion, so trying to create something unique, with like adding something long forgotten. While staying within range of casual or classic looks, nothing too overdone. Mostly pants/jeans and knitted sweaters/waistcoats I guess and my beloved dufflecoats. ^_-

Formal clothes (blouse, blazer & long skirt) depending on where I work, which I also like most of the time.

Ethical and ecological friendly as far as I'm able to get it.
T-shirts and jeans.
I usual just stick with whatever is comfortable for what I'm doing. Jeans and a t-shirt are what I wear most often.
If I do want to look cute, some patterned shorts and an airy top, maybe with some lace, will do it for me. Unless I'm feeling little that is- then I usually go for a cotton skirt with a cartoony t-shirt.
Overall I'd say I like bright colors and flowers a lot. :catsmile:
This is a timely thread for me. I had my men's group choir rehearsal tonight, and all of us were wearing flannel shirts and jeans. I made a comment about it because our accompanist, one of the men's wife, was wearing this beautiful blue top with glittery stars. I commented that we all looked a bit gray compared to her. Anyway, flannel shirts are my thing for the winter, except when I go to a restaurant or have big choir rehearsal. Then I wear khaki pants and a knit shirt.

In the summer it's a pocket T-shirt and shorts. It gets hot in Virginia.
I dress pretty casually and comfortably but if I could I would wear Sweet Lolita dresses alot. ^_^
Casual, T-shirt and jeans mostly. I don't get into a dress shirt or suit unless it's a wedding or a funeral, and I have never owned sweats, maybe I should expand my wardrobe!
I do enjoy dressing up nice. Where I work it's a casual dress code, but I think work in a nice excuse to where a shirt and tie. Although I prefer to wear a jumper rather than a suit jacket, unless it's a special occasion.
Outside of work I usually just throw on clothes. Typically a Tshirt with something printed on it and some jeans. In the house I just wear PJs. :p
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