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    Hi, GDA,
    Just wanted to say hi (oh, I already said that). Hope things are going well ad that life isn't too crazy. Just checking in 'cause I haven't seen you around in awhile.
    I've turned into a caretaker side of me and adopted a cub, been in work for so many months full time so hard enough for me to maintain the communities I am in, so much more.
    Go do that! It'll be approved before it's over with. I finished 1, waiting on FK to approve it and I am currently writing 2 articles. One about how-to-stuff a diaper and the other is classified atm. ;P
    That's fine, whatever you feel comfortable with. Although I wish I would have found ADISC sooner to see you in action!
    Question? Would you ask for your Content Mod job back if it ever became available again?
    I had to ask because the images neared something like a Sears or Penny's catalog fashion pictures... I was pretty sure you didn't look much like your avatar... the avatar usually keeps me from forming a metal image of each person... but yeah, Mr, or Mrs GDA, isn't likely too ashamed to have you in company :biggrin: Perhaps one day... I'll make my own reveal... ;)
    Thank you!
    Yeah, I can go in and out myself. Things are good! Saw you being nice and saying everyone was cool, so I wanted to make sure you knew you were super cool too.
    Thanks for your time as a mod, as you did a great job in that role & I feel bad that what has happened over the last 48 hours, had made it no longer enjoyable for you & you had to step down.

    I'm all settled in for the most part. It feels much more like home (or 'den' if you will), which has helped with the transition. I'm starting to branch out and participate in outside activities. It took a while, but I think I've found my rhythm. ^^
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