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  • umm.. hello? im an old member becore I had to be 18 umm.. are amy friends list suppost to be empty?
    I just wanted to tell you, that you did a great job in your time as a staff member & that I am sorry, that the change that happened, made you feel you had to step down. I hope as you move forward, things will be ok for you.
    I'm confused. If you don't mind me asking, why do you say you couldn't save adisc? Although i couldn't agree more on how adisc has saved my life, along with your's and many others.

    "I weep for you, ADISC. You saved my life, but I couldn't save yours.

    You will always be in my thoughts.

    Rest in peace, old friend"
    Just wanted to praise the general high quality and depth of your posts. There doesn't seem the be a day goes by when I don't find myself either agreeing or provoked into thought by something you've written :hug:
    Not bad, studying at Uni, 2nd year, can't indulge with two flat mates, which is a bit of a headache but ill have to deal with it
    I didn't expect it was :p I only heard of the word myself that day. First thing it reminded me of was your username. :p Either way an odd coincidence considering the community you use the name in.
    I just realized... your name is really similar to the Japanese word for wetting the bed... :p "Onesho".
    Hey. Uhh I'm not really sure how to go about dong this but, I like your writing and you seem cool. Wanna be friends?
    I agree completely!

    When I first got this I was mesmerized, I couldn't take my eyes away from the picture. Now it seems that my eyes are always drawn to it, and I instantly smile. It could be the colours, or something, but whatever it is I love it!
    It's going, anyway. Always a bit of an adventure, you know. I've been busting my butt trying to keep up with the additional workload I keep getting tasked with and the original workload for this internship I'm doing, and tire blowouts at 70 miles per hour and radiator hoses failing have been the recent stories of my travels. Overall, though, it's not going terribly, although summer's going way way too fast.

    How's about you? Get yourself sorted in your new place yet?
    Thanks for the nice photo comment :)

    I love the blanket within the picture... and it actually has cowboys on it if you look closely... I've had it forever! And as for the "crib", I only wish I had a real crib, haha. It's really just a headboard from an old bed that has been standing in my parents' closet for a long time. But it sorta does give the illusion of crib bars. I felt that it could make for an interesting photo ;)

    Anywho, by the scene of things on your page, I feel a congratulations is in order! Happy moderating! :)
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