I’m basically the most vanilla AB/babyfur you’ll ever meet. I also am bipolar, have OCD and high anxiety, and test in the 'spectrum'; in other words, I'm a delight at parties.

As much as I love padding-talk, I also adore intellectual discussion. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me about basically anything. I won't least, not without fair warning.

I can be rather sardonic; I'm so sorry.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦: A furry kit for a little brother, a goofy big sis, and the sweetest momma in the world.

discord: onecho#6261

👕: my Care Bear shortalls, dark blue drop-seat footie pajamas;
🎬: 'The Truman Show', 'Fight Club', 'The Lives of Others';
🎼: oasis (artist), 'Love is Hell' - Ryan Adams (album), "Too Much of a Good Thing" - Bret Reilly & the Sons (song), shoegaze (genre);
🎲: 'Twilight Struggle', 'Sleepers' (a Nestorgame), 'Acquire';
🍸: Boulevardier, Perfect Love, Pink Gin;

Cheers: writing/linguistics (I am on a mission to emancipate the semicolon!), music, my career, trivia, Sailor Moon, being a goofy (but not too goofy) cub, Indian and Mexican foods, below-zero temperatures, the scablands of eastern Washington state, long drives through the middle of nowhere, history/math/geography, road signs (old and new), unique cocktails, dry and dark humor.

Jeers: pretentiousness, people who drive at exactly the speed limit (or less) in the passing lane, tropical weather, bugs, yard work, Miracle Whip. (You have my word: this list will be expanded.)
The Inland Northwest, USA
Babyfur, Little
Favourite diaper
Super Dry Kids or Little Paws
Personal Space
All my life, I've basically felt like a lost and non-potty trained four-year-old, wandering around the supermarket, calling out for his mom. It's not all bad, though; I love food, at least. It's better than being lost in a JCPenney's.


“It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." - Fight Club
Author of 'The Broken Colors' trilogy: Blue Glow, Red Sentience, and White Starlight