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    Happy Birthday Tavi! (I think, You hidden your age on here and Skype didn't notify me but pretty sure its today) So... If I did get the date right I hope you have a great day :)
    Hey, thanks a ton for your positive comment! It really makes a guy feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Cause I really respect your art it really is cool coming from you. :smile1:
    Hi Tavi, it's good to speak to you again. I've been ok, changed my name to Ellie because I got intrested in LG side of things then changed my mind so I've changed it to a new one again lol. Anyways hows u?
    Hey there, Tavi!! Been awhile since I've seen any art from you on here or even seen you post, I hope all is well with you!! Take care, ok!!
    Oh I see! It was just one I found and loved ^.^ Fits my fursona perfectly! :smile1: How are you anyway?
    I love your art and I wish I had enough money to buy some because they are amazing.
    Happy Birthday! :) Dont eat too much cake
    Omg I didnt know you were here thats awesome I love your artwork its nice to be backgrounds profile pics etc
    I stumbled on your page and i looked through your website. Your artwork is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I'm not into the whole furry thing, but your drawings are the cutest i think i've seen yet. I can not get enough of the one on the left side of the main page of your site. The one with the paint brush. That is absolutely perfect. I admire your work greatly. I have dabbled with drawing but nothing near what you can do. It really is awesome!

    Oh and just one more thing to add, the text on your site is somewhat hard to read, at least for me. (sorry i tend to notice the little things like that) perhaps some changes could be made to improve it? You could try to have the scrolling part be only above the image on the side. Or something, sorry i just love your art so much!
    ok i changed it to a new one , you didnt draw this one did you?
    oh sorry i didnt knoiw that was someone elses yeah ill take it down dont worry:smile1: sorry found it on google and your art is great.
    Heyyy! Thanks for friends! Just checked out your BF/DF artwork album--completely awesome!!!

    Take care!
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