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    Faith is believing when other senses goes against that. I'm asking you to consider a kind of faith... A faith that we want to help you!
    That's good! Oops, I guess I didn't know so Early Happy Birthday and hope it's a good one this year. Pray for Biscuits and lots of presents! ^^
    who drew your pic/badge here might I ask? I love the style and might want to commission this person!
    hey XD i LOVE your signature
    the thing about the bouncy castle XDDD
    IM WITH YOU,BRO! 100%
    im only 14 and all..but im not socially acceptable in a bouncy castle XD
    i just couldnt help how ADORABLE that was ^-^
    Oh, nice. I could see someone being able to get a body suit done with prior sewing knowledge, but a head just seems impossible to me :p Too abstract until it's got the final curves and fur xP
    No need to thank me for the truth xP

    Who made the fursuit, if you don't mind me askin'?
    Love your sig, you got an epic fursona, and an epic fursuit. And you're epic cute :p

    All that found from being pulled in by a sig xP
    i think that Scotty just "beamed" us up....
    and moved that very interesting part of the thread.
    It's a good expression, but I especially love your floppy ears! ^_^

    Maybe we will have the chance to meet at RMFC.
    Hello. You don't know me at all, but I just saw your signature about your amazing amount of movies seen.

    Just wanted to say well done, and i'm jealous. :>
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