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    Your PM inbox is full. :/
    You're giving me competition in greeting newbies. :)
    Also I can just try to see if I can find diapers at a thrift store possibly. I just realized I have about a dozen diapers left from the last thrift store I shopped at. Those 12 diapers do not include my ABU sissy diapers so I have a month a half before I run out of disposables and I still have 6 cloth diapers yet so I will wait a while before restocking anyways. Thank you for your concern though! :smile1:
    Well I have not received a reply for that request so i'm going to just have to go buy a case of something without prints on it. At any rate at least I got a 5% discount from Bambino's.
    I also wanted to ask is your name pronounced like lobby or is it pronounced like low-B by the way?
    I just got a 5% discount on the next case of diapers I can get from Bambino's because of the messed up Bellisimo's That I never complained about when I ordered some a few months back. They where some of those misprinted ones with the 3% discount. I asked them if they could get me a variety case of like 3 bags of Bianco's and 3 bags of Teddies or 1 bag of 24 Tena Maxi's and 3 teddies if that where possible or even substitute a X-large size bag of something equivalent to substitute the Classico's they don't have. I hope this works because I really want to save those ABU sissy diapers that I got for a special occasion. but I will have to use them only at night as my cloth diapers will absolutely not handle the abuse that I will throw their way in my sleep.
    Oh, cool. Now let's say- and this is entirely hypothetical mind you- but let's say that someone wanted to commission this... 'Reva of the Scarf'... where might they want to look?

    Also, how in the world can you solve a rubix cube in 13 seconds? I can't even solve one of those things given 13 minutes xD
    Hi Lobie! I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by >_>

    I was also curious... did you draw your Profile picture, or did you commission someone to draw it for you? Cause it looks really good. ^-^
    Oh no.. I'm not awesome, that's you! I'm just this weirdo who likes saying hi to people. People are the awesome ones, being so easy to say hi to.
    thankies lobie :D. take lobies paci and cookies and runs into the snow like a cheecky kit :3
    The War on Christmas: Alan Sailer's high-speed photos of exploding toys - Telegraph <- thought of you, for some reason.
    Why thank you! I really like Adisc, and I don't really quite understand why I wasn't active in the years before this one.
    Chicken Hound on red wall may seem nice when he is little but who would of gussed when he became old he become slager the cruel. hehe sorry for being verry random :D
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