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  • Well, she's a bit freaked out about the, "Oh, my gosh, what about when we have kids," thing, and I know that for you, kids kinda. . . Made it leave you alone. Is that a good way to put it? I know it didn't make it go away, but, real kids go elsewhere in our brains, and having kids seemed to. . . I know, but, what are my words?
    I know about your dad. It's okay to walk outside, and scream, "This Sucks," as loud as you can, as many times as you need, you lucky son of a great dad! Adult Pacis, hmm. . . Let's see. . . No!:lol: Heck, yeah!, best adult teet, in the world, ever! Go orthodontic on that, (size 5, or 7, is up to you.) and, be advised, there's flash where the 2 halves come together. The shield is a hair too small, but, I'm picky as hell. Pricey, those, but, you get what you pay for. If the teet feels too big at first, remember, you have a nose! Breathe through that. Don't be scared. Don't try to keep it in all night. Last time I succeeded, the pressure in my mouth was incredibly painful.
    You okay? We can talk whenever, about whatever. Just hope you're okay, and not ticked at me, for sticking my foot in my mouth.
    Well, I'm just wondering how you'd lock them. Pretend they're on a bike. Disc brakes went from bikes to chairs, and now, on the Softwheel Acrobat, drum brakes exist. So, just wondering. My main story character is an end user, and in school to be an ATP, (assistive technology professional) I am not.

    How is Super Dad? We can talk about whatever. It's just boring talking to nobody, but be warned, I'm topic starved. Can you take the lead in this conversation?
    Oh bunny in the window. Yeah, you, with the cotton clad tail! What do you know of drum brakes, because, there's these wheelchair wheels with in wheel shocks, and they have drum brakes as an option. I could also use a chat buddy. You?
    Picked up a pack of the Parent's Choice diapers yesterday. The ones I got aren't the updated version with the new packaging and prints, but the baby Madagascar designs are still fairly cute. Size wise, they're similar to Huggies, though perhaps a little stretchier. They can take a nice moderate flood. My one complaint, however, is that they don't seem too good for extended wear - I wore one to bed last night and in the morning the padding had started to bunch (to be expected), but a couple hours later the padding towards the back was pretty much destroyed even though it was still dry. At least I can still get some use out of it like that. At $4.22 for 23, they're a pretty good deal, I'd say.
    Been thinking about store-brand baby diapers lately, for their lower cost and just the novelty of having some different prints. I know you mentioned Tugaboos from Rite Aid as being decent, have you tried any others? Like the Parent's Choice from Walmart or Little Journey from Aldi? Just looking for something for my mod set-up that can take a moderate wetting. Or are generics usually not worth bothering with?
    Uh-oh. Never meant to cost you your coffee. Hope you had like 24 ounces when you got the chance! That's how much I drink, but only once a week, on Shabbat morning.
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