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  • Happy belated birthday! I think there is something interesting developing over here, but I've got to get up early tomorrow and can't really explore this now. Unfortunately, I can't specifically "flag" a message to review later. What you describe immediately below (layoffs in the face of increased work load) is actually quite germane to the other conversation. They are the same discussion, I think, and we're looking at two different ends (in-thread, and below) of the common issue.
    all work, work, work. we've had lay-offs, though the work load has increased......figure that one out! nowadays, i spend too much time sorting out driver's woes and shunting wagons. so, just hectic and head spinning.
    hometime is chill-out as much as i can time.
    plus, i treated myself to some chinese diapers off ebay. well, it was my b/day a few weeks ago.
    how's stuff over yon?
    work, diaper pics, more work and my mum comes home tomorrow so i've been tidying up :eek:
    the shit thing is, ten minutes after tidying up, it needs tidying again :D. i'm like having a little kid :p

    and after the car stuff, i need to save a bit of money up by doing nowt, nowt, nowt.....for a few weeks at least.
    and you?
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