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  • Ooo interesting. I guess you could say that. I've always learned little by little about this site. I see now you have little time to see the improvements this site has.
    I've never met you either :p I have been doing lots of researching around/about ADISC from 2008-2014 I've noticed you used to be a safety mod (I think). What happened to you? :laugh:
    Oy Charlie! Just thought I would let you know, I just saw "Inland empire" awhile ago ...And I'm so freaked out by it! (I remember you reccomended it to me at one time or another.) While I really can't discern a plot by any means, I still love it. Funny thing that. It's so unbelievable gloomy that I just can't get it out of my head. Ps: my favorite part has to be the rabbits. Reminded me kind of Donnie Darko.. :detective2:
    Hey Charlie! Just thought I would say hello again after time spent away. :)

    Ah, life's been treating me fair, thank you. Hopefully though, its bound to grow more interesting next fall. (I am dead tired of the current job I hold.) We'll see what life has in store for me next.

    How about yourself? :)
    Can you smell that? That's the smell of fear... your fear! Because I'm coming for you...


    There is no coming back to being called Charlie F now D:

    (Also, I'm surprised that nick is still available o_O)
    Yeah. I checked it out. Nice write up, so good I don't have anything to add.

    Appropriately vague in all the right places. ;)
    Nah! All the best bits I shared with you two. 3 personal accounts of the same stuff is pushing it. :p
    Probably not to be honest. :/ I don't think anyone would give a shit it coming from me. :p

    Good luck piecing things together. ;)
    I wanted to thank you For being a kind mod and for being very helpful.
    Idk if any of us regulars thank you or not so I wanted to say something. :smile1:
    Really you and talula are the best mods IMO. You guys are very human to the regulars as far as I can tell. Most mods seem untouchable due to their status but you two seem like regulars almost.
    So thanks for making ADISC better for all of us. :hug:
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