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  • But how shall you stop being tired of us don't get some sleep? I guess you could drink coffee if that's your thing...
    thank you for the PM.
    i totally understand....
    Just dropping in to say hi! =) I haven't been on here for couple of months now. My life got bit busier once again lol. How are you doing, sis? *hugs*
    Mine's Pandora_Kitsune. What games do you have?
    Yeah wifi out here is scarce too. My school (private small christian college) has a first semester ban on relationships xP so dumb. If people really wanted to have them though, they'd do it. They also have the same ban for tats and piercings, and we can't watch anything above pg in the student center. Oh well. I broke it off with that fake mommy, so that's good at least. What did you think of the videos? If you search "asmr bedtime" there is one about being a baby girl named Mary, and it's a simulated bath, diaper change, and tucking in xD
    Cool! How do you like it? Sorry for late replies, can't use my college wifi since its Iran-level censored, so I have to off campus and find some, like now at a coffee shop
    Hi jessyca, I wasn't sure if a message I sent last week went through, beings my laptop says I messaged myself a few times lol, anyway, sry I've been off for a bit, but thought i'd say hi, and how you was doing. -Tink <3
    traveling, first TN, then to NY, i feel like i'm on tour; little sleep, lots of junk food, and lots of loud music and taking pictures lol
    i'm going to start my first day of that new college i was threading about a few weeks ago, in upstate new york. its so small but i like it. i'll e the only david in the whole school! theres only 150 students total lol
    Sweetpea, go to YouTube and search "ASMR mother", I think it would do you well and you'd enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it.
    At home and about, trying to hang out with friends as much as possible before I leave to the NY school, I'm scared and hesitant yet I know deep down this feels like it was meant to happen, like everything's been building towards going there. I just wish I had more time
    Have you tried Yuku? There's a page there for people like us, and a sub-page for babies searching for mommies xD go check it out, there's a link to it on the abdl homestead page under links
    Oooo yay I love this show :D * giggles and snuggles with you and watches it happily*
    *Giggles* if you wanna just relax in our diapees that's good too~ * scoots close to you* :3
    Dawwww that's much better X3 * rocks you and then stops and blushes deeply* I-I think I went potty... * looks down very embarrassed on what you would think of me*
    Dawwww poor baby girl :( * scoops you up and turns the lights on and sits on the sofa with you still in my arms* better? :)
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