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  • I have read most of the Watch, but admittedly not read Snuff yet. I am currently working my way through the Witches Series, then it shall be Death/Susan series and then I will finally catch up with the Watch, before investing in his very last ever novel, the Tiffany Aching finale. I am so so so sad that there will be no more, even if someone takes on the mammoth task, unless he stays on this plane as a spirit and dictates, no-one could possibly write like he does. :(
    I've been good, thanks!! Sorry, thought I had answered your question!!
    I'm alright! Also stuck with a pretty unexciting job, but just happy to be working really! Hopefully going back to university in October, so that'll be some excitement. :)
    Well you're one hour ahead of me so I think that'll work out ok for me. Just probably shortens our conversation.

    Welcome back, my friend!! How could I not remember you, you are such a nice person & your messages have always made me smile!! ^_^
    google's image search tells me that the aquavit you can get around here is called "linie." probably it's the gutrot export brand that no self-respecting scandinavian would actually drink. clearly i need you to come visit me bearing a bottle of quality aquavit so that i can be educated in proper aquavit consumption!
    hopefully a celtic band that i'm in will come out with a cd sometime this year. i'll send you some tracks when we do!

    i haven't been on any adventures since i got back from japan (3 years ago? four?). part of me is getting antsy to get out and explore the world a bit more, but i'm super busy right here in town, and it's all really cool stuff that i don't want to miss out on. i applied for a scholarship to a week-long klezmer music workshop in montreal at the end of august, and i would have loved to have seen montreal but i was a little bit relieved when i didn't get the scholarship. people kept offering me gigs that week that i would have had to turn down, and there's a wedding that week that i really want to go to and so on and so forth. maybe i'm getting a little addicted to my comfortable routine, too.
    Tonight is busy for me as well, Tuesday night sounds fine with me :D

    I'm looking forward to it already.
    Oh yea I do, it's hectic but awesome times. I'll explain more about what I do exactly when we talk in private again :), it's going to take up most of my summer.
    cool, DO let me know how "the dharma bums" goes, and while you're at it tell me a little about your life lately.

    for my own part i'm playing fiddle in several different bands, teaching some music lessons and doing my best to make my living as a fiddle player.

    i miss you too! there's a local bar where i like to order a glass of aquavit which always makes me think of you -- my norweigian friend off the in the land of aquavit-drinkers.
    Mostly alright, Have my own company now and just finished the first year of CS here in England. (need to sit two resits to actually pass the first year) so alright I guess.
    Hi!! ^_^

    Just thought I'd leave you a random hi & hope once you get it, it'll brighten your day, Titus!!

    I miss you too, I'll send a long detailed e-mail soon. Looooooots has happened. Mostly good.
    This comes to mind every time I see your name:

    Slithereen Guard - DotA Hero Details

    Hee hee!
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