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  • Since you're a tuba/sousaphone feller, and of appropriate age ... I don't suppose you're a DCI fan?
    SCV? Blue Devils?? Can't think of any other california corps ATM. :(

    many, many, many moons ago, I played soprano bugle. Did a year of BD, then jumped ship for Madison Scouts.
    I don't remember any 'contra' players who didn't weigh at least 300 pounds. Nowdays, I see little boys & even girls,
    marching "tuba" :/
    Granted, nowdays, a lot of corps use synths to add low-end bass. In the 90s, we just had bugles :p
    anywho ... howdy doo :)
    Still pretty good. And you?
    The same to you! I doubt it'll be any time soon, but I'm sure we can ar some point <333
    That's the hope... But it's highly doubtful I may ever reach it...
    Can't skype today, Maaaaaayyyybe tomorrow, IDK. I'm pretty good. Being TS wears harder and harder on me every day, but I continue to press on. You?
    In response to your question, my sis is 13, going to 14 next month.
    Just saying Hi, and I hope everything is going great for you :) Hold on tight, keep your head high and your chin up, and don't expose the beard shadow :p
    Your new avatar is about to make me die laughing.
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