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  • You are one of the ancient people it seems. I forgot to mention when you came back on.
    Well, I think what you're saying might be a good carrot for getting better. One out of many anyway.
    Yeah, that's one of the keys to success; Keep pushing the envelope! Keep aiming high and reach for your goals.
    However, don't forget to enjoy the journey towards those goals. Life really, is a balance, between reaching for your future goals, and living in the moment, enjoying life as it is right now.
    I guess I shall add that book to my list of books to read. ^^
    Nah, maybe you're just always pushing the envelope so to speak? And that's not a negative ability. But there is this indian quote:
    "There is nothing noble in being superior to some other person. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self."
    I don't think it's bad to have the urge to be better, but what do you think about that one?
    No, that name doesn't ring a bell. What kind of literature does he write?
    Also, I found this today.
    "There is nothing noble in being superior to others. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self."-Indian saying
    Same here, but I do get allot of mine from books.
    My favorite author is Robin Sharma, have you heard of him?
    Many of my favorite quotes comes from his books.
    Yeah, so do I. I read allot of books so I tend to find some goodies. At the time I'm reading Siddharta, written by Herman Hesse.
    A very good book!
    Indeed, quotes are excellent in many ways. Among other things, they put allot of knowledge in a short set of words, makes it easier to remember something you've read/learned. But that's what a quote is, aye?
    I think you have some very interesting thoughts, philosophies and insights, allot of them which I share.
    Thanks for sharing them. :)
    the anime..i finished watching Capu2 about 2 monthes ago..and now it looks like season 3 won't be coming out...:( *cries*
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