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  • Holy crap you're from Kentucky? That state is LITERALLY right below me! xD

    Evansville, Indiana. Southern part of the state :3

    Also welcome to the forum =D Hope you make lots of new friends ^^
    Hey there Sawako. I saw that you joined the Messy Group and sent me a friend request. I accepted of course because I love meeting and talking to new people. Well, anyways, if you have any questions about the site or every just want to talk, I'll help or talk. Again, thanks for the friend request and joining the group.

    By the way, until you're of Established Contributor status you want be able to contact anyone directly. You will just have to create a new thread.
    Hi Sawako! I really like your avatar!!
    OMG, ANOTHER kentuckyian :3 What's up with the huge wave of people from kenetucky these past couple of days? ^_^
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