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  • Nintendo makes rather fun games. I quite enjoy Okami myself. Do you have a computer you can play games on? I could recommend a selection of good platformers on Steam. Have you ever played skyrim or similar games?
    No worries I enjoy getting random messages. It is a pleasant thing! I love to read pretty much anything, but my major focus in the past few years has been on Philosophy and the occasional historical non-fiction text. I enjoy role playing games like Dragon Age and Fallout. In truth I am open to most any game though it really just depends on my mood. What about you? How's your life? An thank you for your thoughts on the thread I'm glad to know it impacted you in such positive ways! It's nice to hear thanks!
    I haven't competitively battled in a long time. Plus, I haven't battled anyone in general for a while, simply because I mostly battled with people who would train their Pokemon extensively where I didn't.
    I haven't had a original pokemon fight in a long time. Most recent pokemon game I have played was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity. Back in Pokemon Black and White, I definitely did, back in 2011.
    Well...yeah. It's a mostly-eaten disk of gouda cheese I'm sitting on. But *I* didn't eat it! (And that certainly wouldn't be why I'm taking a nap, either!)
    For my drawings, I use a WACOM Intuos tablet and use programs like Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop to work on the illustrations.
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