Tax Return Time!

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So at least for those of us in the United States, we've just entered tax return season! (For the non-Americans in the room, we generally get all of our income and account statements for the previous year during January. We have until April 15th or the following Monday if the 15th is on a weekend to file our tax returns. Many of us end up getting a refund because our tax liability ended up being less than was withheld from our paychecks. There are actually a lot of people that deliberately set themselves up to get a refund just to get that little shot in the arm.)

I'm expecting a refund. I have some losses from last year I'm carrying forward into this year, so I'm hoping for a decent refund. As long as that pans out, I'm paying off one of my small student loans and possibly refurbishing my living room. If there's extra, though, I'm probably going to buy a couple cases of fun diapers and maybe a bit of gear I've had my eye on (Segufix!)

So, who's getting a refund? What sorts of fun plans do you have for that refund?
Similar situation in Canada, though I usually break even so no great reno for me. Last year I ended up owing $20 :(
I didn't make enough to get anything back.
My Social Security income isn't taxed. So I don't pay taxes, so I don't get a refund.
Same here in UK for self employed people , I must do mine but can't be bothered yet still got 2 weeks
My pay scale jumps from bracket to bracket depending on the month so since I been working here I have owed every year which is BS as they take 60% of my check every month. IRS takes more than I get in a month and I still somehow owe them money at the end of the year. :(
GoldDragonAurkarm said:
So at least for those of us in the United States, we've just entered tax return season!
What?! For me, Tax Season doesn't start until 24 hours prior to the eFile submission deadline. :)

GoldDragonAurkarm said:
So, who's getting a refund? What sorts of fun plans do you have for that refund?
I usually have a slightly negative "refund" that causes me to regret things I've already done with my money. Really, I try to have as small a refund as possible by fine-tuning my withholdings. I figure that if Uncle Sam isn't going to pay interest on the money I loan him, he ain't getting a loan!
For the past several years, I've had to pay $500. quarterly so I break even. This year should be better since I retired a year ago. I still work my part time job, so I suppose that will be taxed, and both my wife and I get pensions. There also will be taxes on some capital gains, so.......
Not return time for me. I've not even gotten my 1099's yet let alone all the k-1's I need to file mine. I did have to make the last quarter estimated tax las week.
Wow, I'm surprised by all the people paying in!

Also, if the non-Americans have relevant thoughts, please, contribute! At least enlighten us on the differences in tax policy!
I didn't work enough last year to get owe income tax, so I asked my work to not deduct it from my paycheck. As such I won't be getting reimbursed for an interest free loan to the government this year :p
I was out for six months for knee surgery I.hope I get a decent return this year although I'm back to work I could totally use the money
Turns out the government actually owes me money... Guess that happens when they don't send you the papers for 5 years.
Lucky - Uncle Sam's fixing to shake me upside down by the ankle this year ... :sad:
I am doing my taxes for the first time ever.
I'm expecting a slight refund. There are some benefits to being a student on stipend and I ignored some likely deductions when making estimated payments.
been on workers comp for 2 years, haven't had to file taxes since 2012, not sure when I will have to start filing taxes again, no current job plans other than a return to college at age 38.
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