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    Marka - hereby does apologize in sincerity, to missing w0lfpack91's plight... that, whatever we may differ, so to are we the same and, that no person shall be allowed to persecute another without consequence and, no person shall ignore in witness of said persecution, without consequence - the same, as if they persecuted from themselves... come on people! Let's show these f*cking politicians, how "we the people" do things... let's fix this! -Marka
    Oh I see.Well nice to know you're back on the gay side of the fence,and I bet it's great being able to wear and wet around your SO anytime you want is he like your caretaker as well?Oh I see well I bet having a kid is great.Just curious though does your son know you're an AB/DL cause I've often wondered how a kid would react to knowing
    Oh I see didn't realize you were moving or anything.And I think it's great you're with someone who doesn't really care about diapers and all (I'm sure that was hard to find) and whose kids are headed back to school?
    I hope you share, I'd love to see it.
    It's ok x3. I have a friend coming to Paducah in a few months for an anime convention :O
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