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  • Yeah been messing around with QR codes lately, actually wrote a php script to generate them xD
    I'm lost in your matrix computer codes picture...please throw a fishing line and fish me out o_O
    And yea thats fine, I havn't been to active lately so I prob won't spam much.
    The red pill can not be taken, only received and accepted.
    what red buton? stapels that was easy.
    did i forgot to tell you that after i will be your friend i will #1 spam your profile with all the things i do,
    #2 i will sneak in your bathroom and peek in your cabinet and take that red pill, hahahaha, maybe i will push the red button too
    Yay, I finaly have visitor messages XD
    //"are you part of the matrix"
    One does not simply give the red pill.
    //"I was just dropping by to tell you that I liked your username"
    well thankts wasntme to make me see this profile just by leaving your post here, now for CP, your soo lonly i got to friend you and give you lots of hugs, are you part of the matrix?
    Hi, I was just dropping by to tell you that I liked your username, but I was afraid that you didn't want such a frivolous message posted on your page but when I saw the rest of the visitor messages I decided to post this, so yeah...

    By the way, which languages do you know? (like C, FORTRAN, or Ook!)
    //sorry if I'm asking an awkward question lol

    Never mind, I peeked at your profile... Awkward...
    *looks at profile page.* Hmm no visitor messages, no friends any more... wow this page is empty.
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