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  • ah i was born in Boston Mass. and spent alot of time up in Danvers Mass as a kid. i lived with my mom in northern Arizona but my mom had new england accent and so did my dad and every other week id go back to Mass. to stay with my dad, so naturally as i learned to talk i picked up the "Boston" accent. you really want to get picked on as a kid live in the west coast with a new england accent. not at all fun. decided to try to get rid of it at about 6, finally got rid of it at 9-10 years old. where at in new york you from? bout the only place ive been in NY is the city when i was 7. i went for a Red Sox vs. Yankees game. that was something. never been to a game like it since
    idk i tried google mapping it bathory came up with a MD clinic in wat looked like manhatten. so IDK
    how ever it was also stated that he was born and raised in that town. i dont know if you've ever been to new york state or new england in general they all (myself included when im drunk) have weird accents. it took me 5 years to get rid of my boston accent.
    but as for vlad they need to go scouting in everyday middle schools in new york not some child celebrity school in LA. that way they will have a kid that understands vlads point as a normal kid, plus as an added bonus he'll already have the accent naturally and we wont be subjected to god awfull fake accents.
    Yeah that would be a pretty cool scene. Or his first fight with the non joss slayers in the alley where he schooled them. Or the last fight between slayers vampires and humaans
    that would be cool for the last two books when vlad gets Stronger ans faster those fight scenes will be cool assuming they don't do twilight graphics (they move normal speed but scenery flys by all blured out. youd think with as much money as the first movie made they would update the running scenes.)
    true true. i just wonder how theyd do it four movies or less because in all reality they are pretty short books.
    yes i am a vlad todd fan love to see a movie but they would probbly ruin it like they did twilight
    Hey there Liam :)
    Sorry I haven't been too talkative. I haven't been on this site a whole lot lately. I've been pretty busy in my offline life. Good to see you're here though. :)
    =_=' Try looking at actual league deck formats, n00b. Pichu's a tech card that gets you as many basics on the field as you want, no energy whatsoever. Plus, that's why people run Prism Energy.
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