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  • Thanks for all the diaper reviews you do. Very lucky to try so many different ones.
    Brings a whole new level to what "fruitkitty" means.
    I so, so want your Personal Space under About Me to be changed to "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
    Hey, thanks for the friend request ^^.

    Being allergic to nuts, I very much appreciate the nut free aspect of your username :p
    Yes, as you could have likely guessed, that was almost completely directed towards ade, lol. It was the best I could think to do after reading his.... 'argument,' if you could call it that.
    (I say this here because I know you don't have these publicly visible)
    I have really enjoyed reading all your responses and discussing the possible changes on the site with you. Thanks for accepting my friend request. :)
    Yo, that thread I made was supposed to be a big elaborate setup for an April Fool's joke, but I flubbed it and now I feel bad for taking advantage of people. So, yeah, stupid idea on my part. I asked for it to be deleted. All is well.
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