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So, despite the supposed decline in popularity of Facebook, it's perhaps more ubiquitous in society than ever before, and is absolutely the first form of Social Media to widely appeal to pretty much every age group (I don't have the stats, but I doubt there are too many 65 year olds on Tumblr!).

So - do you like Facebook yourself? Are you indifferent? Do you loathe it? Personally, I find myself using it quite a lot, but I don't particularly enjoy it. Too much of people bragging and projecting an unrealistic image of what their life is actually like. On the other hand, it's a fun tool to share my thoughts to a (relatively) large number of people about sport/literature/current affairs, and it's useful for keeping in touch with friends I don't get to see regularly.

So, fellow ADISCers, how do you feel about Facebook? And as a wider issue, do you think its existence is good for people's social lives/self-esteem/interaction etc., or do you see it as an overall negative phenomenon?
Facebook is pretty cool, but I don't use it all that often. If anything I use it more for my youtube channel than I do for personal use.

I am not a big fan of listening to a bunch on people I don't agree with everyday XD.
I have a Facebook account but rarely ever post status updates or photos there. As you mentioned, I don't want to cast a false image of myself, nor do I find most of my daily activities worth updating my status for. Instead, I use it as a medium to chat with my friends along with finding old friends from my elementary and middle school days. One very useful purpose of Facebook for me is keeping up with my family abroad. It is much easier to keep up with family abroad on Facebook rather than phone calls at odd times of day (and spending lots of money on international calling) or emails that can be difficult to keep track of and seem quite impersonal. I am also a member of several groups related to my university, as well as groups that pertain to my interests such as aviation. Most pictures of me on Facebook are pictures I have been tagged in. In general I have no issue with people tagging my in pictures or posts as long as I have an opportunity to review them before they appear in my profile.
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Back in the day I much preferred MySpace, as you were able to personalise (with disastrous, garish effect!) your own mini-site. People had to actively go to your page to see your nonsense, rather than be spammed with it if they were your friend.

I finally signed up to Facebook shortly before university started, as I was able to see the people with whom I'd be sharing my student accommodation. I don't loath Facebook, but I seldom use it. I like it as a way to get photographs others have taken of themselves/me, and occasionally I'll post some political nonsense, but otherwise I ignore it. It's kind of like having a land-line telephone: you probably could do without one, but it's nice to have and certain people seem to expect you to have one. Unfortunately the cost is it's another avenue for unwanted contact. :-P
Facebook was one of my only connections to the world for 2 years, it was awful and great at the same time, better than being home alone, but not a good place for someone recovering from a brain injury, had people call the cops on me at times because they thought i was suicidal.
I go on there often as I follow loads of people and friends such. Dont feel like going on there now as I am in a heavy spat with someone as I feel they are staking me on facebook waiting for me to get on.
I use it to promote my blog and other things, very rarely actually post anything personal or any sort of 'updates'. Just a good way to generate traffic in my opinion. Would not say I loathe it but do not enjoy it. Do worry about the people that live their life by it.
I don't have a Facebook account but my wife does. It allows here to keep up with some of our kids and grand kids. Our daughter and son-in-law post a lot of pictures and videos so we get to see what they're doing. We also can keep up with some of our friends whom we seldom see in person and that's sort of nice.
I am on it daily, but take most everything on there with a grain of salt, most of it is people fluffing themselves up in whatever way they can. Nice way to stay in touch with close friends that live away and you don't call that often.
I'm near constantly on it, but my page is a bit eccentric. It has been described as the "Thunderdome" by my IRL friends due to the fact that I'm involved on several different forums and social media sites and have acquired many facebook friends as a result with a myriad of viewpoints. All of whom tend to post and argue on my page, and even within Facebook I'm involved in a few different debate groups. Debate and Argument are simply hobbies of mine, some people like it, other people don't, lol
So, fellow ADISCers, how do you feel about Facebook? And as a wider issue, do you think its existence is good for people's social lives/self-esteem/interaction etc., or do you see it as an overall negative phenomenon?
i hate Facebook.
mostly, in use, it's just a crap layout with crap operation.
given that, it's no wonder the feckless and the scatterbrained often end up in 'trouble'. and no wonder that more and more are taking to Whatsapp and others.

in general, though, it's just part of the internet and the way it's going (i mean, just look at all the seriously crap social-notworking sites out there: like, Flickr, Google[whatever-the-feck-it's-called-now] and Photobucket (standing out for their lack of good functioning, with the latter putting adverts and malware way ahead of good functioning). and in the game of oneupmanship, as pushed by financiers, they all just copy each other, from one crap idea (sold as an 'improvement') to another.

as for the people, i take the same generalized view as for the whole of internet, that it's all just perverts and idiots; and even if you're neither to begin with, you'll end up as one or both.
pretty much the same as with watching television :biggrin:
Facebook has baned a lot of couts because offensive content. And second - facebook isn't something helpfull for me, because there's no enugh privacy. Finally, I see fcb and some other aplications as the worst thing inside the internet.

I call that stuff as freaky aplications/portal.
I've been in and out of love with Facebook. These days, I mostly use it like email, and do my best to ignore people's "walls". Somewhere along the way, I picked up a few pathological sympathy-seekers who continually post ambiguous one-liners like "Well, today could have gone better." I wish I had the guts to un-friend them, because that stuff is just about my biggest Facebook peeve. If you want to whine about something, then for God's sake, just do it!
Personaly I only use it for chat.
I have a Facebook account, but I don't really use it so often.
At this point, Facebook is mostly used for browsing random crap that my friends are saying. I check it daily, and use it for chat sometimes, but I only post something (aside from my posts from other online work I do) around once a month.
I have a Facebook account but my name is miss spelled.

Its mostly just a place holder page.

My friends know its me but i could deny it if i had to. i never post anything important on the page.
Not trying to be "I liked it before it was cool," but in my eyes, Facebook has seriously declined. I liked when it started and people would have actual conversations and it was a social network. Now, its layout is terrible, its overflowing with ads, suggested and promoted posts, it sells your private information, bullshit travels faster than the speed of light, and pretty much everyone has turned into a like/share-seeking attention whore. And even now, alot of my actual friends have abandoned ship (since now everyone's grandma is on Facebook) and gone to Twitter, which I loathe. I still use it on occasion to make a smartass post or brag about some mundane accomplishment (and sometimes major ones), but those are often days, if not weeks, apart.

tl;dr, Facebook was good once. Now, not so much.
I've got an account. Check it to see if anything is going on I need to know about. Don't check it extremely often or post on it very much.
Facebook is mostly evil. been against it since it first started. Never had one never will. Want to be involved with someones life then spend the time. On that note i will concede it has served some purpose, albeit to a lesser satisfactory degree then another mediums could have done. I cite my example: i only ever hijack/log on to my gf's FB to see when and where parties are going on because promoters and event crews use Facebook more often then rave forums anymore. And that is my only ever level of use of FB.
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