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  • I just bought a copy of your book because I'm pretty sure my review is on the back cover. (I have no idea how to send a private message on this crazy forum). Trying to convince as many people as I can to buy it so that you write another story.
    Do you have a discord? I lost the ability to DM you when you left tumblr.
    Yeah, tumblr got a little weird there towards the end, so I left with the rest of the mass exodus, lol

    And it's this book! ^___^
    The Anterid

    There was a link to it here, but they took down the thread for linking to an outside site, >__>
    Oh, and I'm Maux#0114 on Discord, lol
    Ahh you started later than I did. :)

    I have not had a chance to play Pathfinder but I have heard good things about it. I had fun in a somewhat recent one-shot CoC adventure where I somehow managed to survive without losing too much sanity or dying.

    I still have the 1E Gamma World book, the 3E box set, and pretty much all the official stuff for GW 4E--4E was my favorite out of the early editions.

    I don't get to play boardgames as much as I like but I still have my old Avalon Hill games--including Dune and Magic Realm.

    I would like to eventually run Talislanta 4E and The Savage Land. I just got the D&D 5E OGL version PDF of TSL but I still like the classic Talislanta rules version better. We are still waiting on the Open D6 version to come out so they can get started on getting the print versions out and I can get my print copy of the classic rules version.

    Another game I would not mind running would be a classic BECMI D&D game.
    What PnP RPGs have you played? I have played quite a few different old systems and a couple of newer ones.

    I go back to 1E AD&D as well as the old Basic D&D. One of the newest games I've played was Symbaroum and I have also been getting in my PDFs for Talislanta: The Savage Land from the Kickstarter I backed.
    I just wanted to say, your forum avatar is funny. I like it! I remember that from an episode of Futurama.
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