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Thread: My ABDL shirt I do not know weather I showed you it or not

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    Default My ABDL shirt I do not know weather I showed you it or not

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    This is the ABDL shirt I got back in October in a printing tshirt market in the White Rose Leeds.

    I would have wanted more but unfortunatly the man says "You can have costom design but you need a stick!"

    Which I knew which other design I wanted. I could have searched it online and said print me this one

    But never mind plus I need only one to test the quallity before going back to that place in January.

    I do not know weather I put this here before but what dose everyone think of this tshirt?

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    Straight and right to the point.

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    looks cool did the guy ask what it meant??

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    looks cool did the guy ask what it meant??
    The person running the tshirt printing stand did not. For all he cares it might be some sort of ACDC thing or it something at all the youngsters are wearing lol!
    All he cares about is getting the money I am guessing for his hard paid work. Which is good it has been though the washer and it still in tact. So even though they will charge a little bit more for printed image design 15.00 to be exact it might be worth it since he has done a good job on the text.

    The only one who asked was my support worker we will call him Bob in this senerio. So Bob asked me what dose that mean. I wispered in his ear Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Not even the costomers asked what it ment. The font is kind of simler to the faunt of ASDA but in white text. I hope to go back there but with a stick next time with a picture of AGE PLAY PRIDE FLAG and MY FURSONA DIAPERED!

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