diaper lover

  1. Babytoodler5

    Using diaper cream

    So, I want to preface this by saying that I've never tried/had to use diaper cream. Usually, I just diaper up with a generous amount of powder. The last few days I've had some digestive issues, so I haven't been wearing diapers much; however, the constant wiping down there did create some pretty...
  2. Kunbenshero

    accident during wetting the daiper

    have you ever tryed to wet a full-wet daiper and the Urine leaks from the diaper ?🤔. for me yeah that happened to me two times first time i was testing the daiper to know how many times will hold me. and the other time i remember when i wet my diaper a lot and i was lazy to change it so the...
  3. chorlax123

    Introducing Myself

    Hi everybody, Finally joining after poking around the site a bit. I'm newish to diapers, having done pants wetting for years (it being easier/cheaper than disposables). I'm not incontinent, and just do it for fun. My first fetish was trackies/nylon pants, followed up closely by down...
  4. Jonsnow12

    Hey new here my name is Matt!

    My name is Matt im a 27 yr old DL who just loves diaper in general, the feel, the comfort, the aesthetic, all of it I been an all around fan for like 12 years. My whole goal I suppose is to hopefully meet my other half who shares that as well. Maybe I'll get lucky who knows. I'm a gym head and...
  5. BigCyka99

    A little intro

    Hello, I just joined the ADISC, I have been a lurker for a few years but finally decided to make an account. I wanted to share my story of how I became a DL. I started out liking to poop my pants, I remember seeing a video on it and decided to try it out myself. After that I decided to try...
  6. Nightproof


    I wear as a way to relive stress & relax.
  7. SummerInDiapers

    Hi a Newcomer here

    Hi I'm summer and i think it's about time to introduce myself. I'm here to just talk witch people like me. So to start everything of i'm a dl. My story as a diaper girl starter about 2 years ago and is still ongoing. Some things about me are that i love food, sleep, horse riding, gaming...
  8. TheBestBoy

    Hello world:)

    Hey guys! Well, my name is Daniel, and I really enjoy wearing diapers! I'm a 31yo male, single and simply looking to make more and more sense of this strange desire that I've had for the last 17 years. I work in the film industry in Atlanta, GA, I love my job and have been given immense...
  9. LittleLynn

    Diapers, dissociation, plurality, and trauma (our story)

    For my first-ever official post on this site, I'd like to do a bit of a deeper dive into what got me interested in diapers in the first place, my related trauma history, my/our plurality as a result of said trauma, and why I've made diapers a part of who I am as a human; as well as my disorders...
  10. GreasyGears

    Trainer GreasyGears wants to say hi!

    Hi. I've been a long time ABDL lurker on this and other forums. Until February of this year, I wasn't involved much in ABDL communities. I've since joined many Discord servers and made accounts for some sites and forums. I'm just happy to be here and talk with people like all of you. I've been...
  11. J

    The future of plastic backed diapers, thoughts?

    Hi y'all Im 100% DL and for me its a must that the diapers are plastic backed. Sometimes I have this "fear" that plastic backing in the next.. say... 10 years will be discontinued because of environment regulations and what not. Do you think plastic backed diapers will seize to exist? Will...
  12. StephKutzmark

    Anyone else obsessed with baby diapers/pullups?

    Hi! I'm posting this in the hopes to find more people like me so i can make friends! I love baby diapers and pullups! (namely pampers and luvs) and i love diaper videos of baby diapers and pullups being wetted/messed (I have a stash of vids and would be more than happy to swap!) I'm obsessed...
  13. PluggedandPadded

    I am consistently intrigued by how modern my fetish is

    I am exclusively interested in disposable diapers. 20 years ago nothing like what I'm interested in existed. It's interesting to me that such a seemingly deep-rooted passion can simultaneously host such a modern form of expression. I can't help but think this is something shared across many...
  14. PluggedandPadded

    So I get soaking wet and don't want to sit in a chair for fear of leaking

    My solution, kneel in front of my desk with a folded blanket under my knees so i can wet and mess to capacity while still getting that good good internet engagement. I always know I'm getting into it when my diaper is too wet for me to sit back down. Just have to watch leaking but I usually...
  15. PluggedandPadded

    Not sure why it took me so long...

    Hello all, I am a DL and a fairly well-studied one at that. I've read so many academic journals on fetishism and paralytic infantilism that I surprise myself when I discover an article I'm unfamiliar with. That being said it took me until today to make an account here and actually get into the...
  16. MegaLugia

    Hi there, I am new here, but still somewhat nervous

    Hello there, I am MegaLugia and I am new here. I was a long-time viewer of these forums since at least couple of years, but I was too nervous to post. Anyways, I have been a diaper lover since I was a baby. I always had a secret love of disposable diapers, plastic pants, and even children’s...
  17. Seanolebar

    Anyone wana make a snap gc with me lol?

    or any other social media works to but it'd be cool for sure 🫡 My snap is seanolebar458 🫡
  18. oliverfulldiaper

    My Diaper GF models

    Who else thinks my diaper gf has the best models ever? Lyra law and janira wolfe are the sexiest blondies I have ever seen in diapers, and that site in specific has great video quality and audio too. Their ideas for videos are good too, I just wish i had a girl like that damn they are so fine...
  19. oliverfulldiaper

    Hello I am oliver

    Hope I can share my experiences and learn from others. I just joined this forum because i have been reading threads which i can relate to so I would like to take part on some. I am 19 and well my name is Oliver. I am only a diaper lover, just for sexual pleasure and yes I do wet and mess. I am...
  20. ky1

    Hi I’m Ky