diaper lover

  1. StephKutzmark

    Pullup (pull-up) / baby diaper lovers?

    Hi! I've been interested in spesifically baby diapers and pullups for as long as i can remember and the love that other people have for medical or ABDL diapers has never really grown on me. I've honestly been wondering if anyone else feels this same way as me, or at least prefers baby diapers...
  2. DragonPrinceling

    Which came first, the AB or the DL?

    I was little for a while before I tried diapers. When I first wore a diaper, it was a test to see if they guided me into, and helped me stay in, littlespace. It was then that I realised how great diapers are in their own right. What I hadn’t realised before joining Adisc- this is the other way...
  3. M4saremyfavourite

    [My] entire diaper experience in as much detail as possible.

    This is going to be my entire diaper experience in as much detail as I remember from my beginning to present day. This is also going to be a thread where others can write their own stories in as much detail as they wish. Also I should probably mark this as like a 14+ thread given some material...
  4. Austen00

    Tykables shortage

    Ok so I’m about to go to bed when I realized I’m down to my last tykables in my house and I won’t take truck diapers because well you know they are for work so I’m gonna have to use my space at night now kind of sad because I love the night time comfyness of an overnight so I’m gonna wear it...
  5. S


    Hello Y'all, Smitty18 here. Like many of you, I am seeking a relationship...not a one-night-stand, but something ongoing...long-term. My view is, for a relationship to last, first you need to be friends. The interests of each should be acceptable to the other to the point that each can...
  6. H

    My formal introduction....

    Hello all! Long time DL, and very surprised I am just now finding this forum?? How odd of me..So, yea. I'm a Diaper Fetishist, and have been for many years now. Married, but she does not participate. Doesn't care that I do, which is better than some have it I suppose, but sure would be cool...
  7. W

    Not really sure why....

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to redeem myself from the horrors of lurker status, and say hi. I pop in here once in awhile, and it seems to be happening more frequently too. I'm into more of the diaper loving than the baby side of things. Diapers feel so comfy, warm, and secure. They also happen...
  8. G

    Size 6 Pull-up nappies

    Hi all. I have just got myself some easy on pants by Boots. They are size 6 but I can get them on and wear them without them tearing. It's pretty fun pretending to be little. Do you like baby nappies and which are your favourites?
  9. SecretlyABDL94

    Am I an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

    So, I'm kind of torn between whether I'm an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover. I love diapers like a diaper lover, but I pefer brands like ABU/Bambino/Rearz etc. Over Depend/Abena/Attends/Per-Fit etc. like an Adult Baby since these Diapers have fun Baby prints on them. I like them more because they...
  10. SecretlyABDL94

    Is it Safe/Sanitary to Wear a Diaper, Take it Off, Put it Under my Mattress, and Put it Back on Next Time I'm Home Alone?

    Ok so here is my sitch, I'm a Diaper Lover who pefers ABU, Bambino Rearz, etc. Diapers over Depend, Abena, Attends, -Per-Fit etc. However, I am in college but still living at home so, obviously I can't be Diapered all the time, and I have to hide my Diapers from my family. The way I do it is I...
  11. SecretlyABDL94

    Happy ABDL Halloween!!!

    Need a costume idea for Halloween ABDLs? Just go as yourself. Adults dress up like babies for Halloween all the time anyway so, most people will think nothing of it. They don't know you dress up like a baby all the time and that you're really an ABDL, they'll just think you're wearing a costume...
  12. V

    Hiya from England!

    Hi! I've been a DL for as long as I can remember, but I've never been able to indulge in it, since I lived with my parents. However, now that I've moved on to university, I'm excited about being able to finally experiment and explore this side of myself. With the move away from my home, I now...
  13. I

    New from Philadelphia!

    Thanks for taking a peek! My names Kira. I'm a cute, petite, diaper loving trans girl. I love feeling little, being held, picked up, diapers, changes, dressing up, and so much more! I'm a certified makeup artist. I work in the makeup section of a department store. It sucks so im looking for...
  14. G

    hello, formerly my username was diaperuser71, I live in the Canary Islands, Spain

    Hello to everybody. I use adult diapers since I was 14 years old, and did it secretly, but no way how good I hided my diapers and plastic pants, my mom found it several times, and it was a taboo thema, I didn't wanted to speak about it with my parents, and they didn't liked the subject too. But...
  15. S

    Sissy DL

    Hey yall im new to the site, looking for people like me to chat with.
  16. C

    Thinking About Telling Girlfriend.

    Hey everyone, I just started dating someone, we are starting to get a little serious now. I think it is only a matter of time before I tell her, I do think that a relationship partner should be aware of what's going on. We do not live together...Yet, but if we move in together I don't think it...
  17. BabyDL44

    DL curious about AB

    I am currently a DL. Curious about the AB side. What's the best way to try the AB experience?
  18. B


    Sorry for not saying anything for a while, i made an account, had something come up, and eventually forgot about it. But hai! Im BabyFoxy, im a very shy baby who is a bit little on the inside. I have one video of myself in diapers and for some reason im just too shy about showing it, like ill...
  19. R

    Struggling with self esteem.

    Okay, so I am having struggle with my self-esteem. I've been a DL for quite some time. (Around 5 years.) And ever since I bought my first pack, I knew that it was something that I liked. Wearing diapers, for me, is distressing and helps me relax a bit more. But recently I've been beating myself...
  20. A

    Abdl from Cornwall Ontario Canada

    hi im a diaper lover from Cornwall Ontario is there anyone from there or near there