1. Angellothefox

    My ABDL shirt I do not know weather I showed you it or not

    This is the ABDL shirt I got back in October in a printing tshirt market in the White Rose Leeds. I would have wanted more but unfortunatly the man says "You can have costom design but you need a stick!" Which I knew which other design I wanted. I could have searched it online and said print...
  2. C

    budget diapers? (can baby diapers work?)

    I am unable to purchase diapers online, as i dont fancy credit or debit cards, and pay for everything in cash. the cheapest adult diapers i cant find in real life are 10$ a package, and typically i dont have that much free money to spend. is buying baby diapers a good alternative? id ont mind...
  3. T

    [NEW] ABDL/TBDL RANDOM CHAT SITE - Like Omegle, But About Diapers Only!

    Hello all ABDL/TBDLs, Many of us all have used a site called "" at least once before to talk about diapers or even for your very own erotic fantasies ;) But it gets difficult sometimes when you face wrong interest matches or even bots. I like a lot of people get bored of this, so I...
  4. CrinklesTheBunny

    Adult Big Wheel

    I saw this on the Internet, and I am so getting me one.
  5. Premetheus

    As a furry and a diaper lover...

    I'm 18 years old, a furry, and a diaper lover. As a result, so does my fursona. I made the choice that the only thing different about my fursona and I, is that my fursona is an anthropomorphic animal. Personally I think most furries try to separate their fursona and themselves but me? I embrace...
  6. D

    Update on my adult baby diaper designs

    As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with trying to create adult diaper designs that reminds me of pampers in 80's and 90's. And yes, I do also like blue waistbands like pampers had in 1988 :) The goal is to make these become reality, once I find a suitable diaper and finish the final printable...
  7. D

    Amazing google search find!

    Today I realized something when I was browsing diaper stores on google in my own language (finnish). When you type "aikuisten" (adult's), the first suggestion is "aikuisten vaipat" (that translates to adult's diapers). How weird is that?! It's exciting to find it more popular than education etc...
  8. D

    Adult Changing Table?

    Hi, I'm rather interested in getting maybe some kind of changing table, that can be disguised as something else or hidden when needed. And how to produce the soft leathery covering on it. Any ideas? Also I would welcome you to post pictures of your own changing table, if you have one :)
  9. D

    Diaper Packaging: Japan vs the rest of the world

    Not sure if this is ab or dl topic, but has anyone else noticed how much nicer adult diaper packaging looks in japan than anywhere else? They're colorful and kind of cute, when everywhere else they have that bold medical look. Check them out! Adult diapers - YouTube
  10. Sitherus

    Costumes for the not so ab/dl

    I was searching online recently for a set of new clothes for my roleplay environment and came across this Adult Baby Girl Costume - Candy Apple Costumes - Adult Baby Costumes I love this because its not made for us and our shenanigans or the stuff we do here, but made for the average person...
  11. zsofi

    My story + advices needed

    Dear All! I kind of need some help / information, I'm going through a very difficult state in my life: coming to terms with some of my deepest emotions. I'm a 27 year old person, identified by others as a man, but mostly I don't think about myself as a man, because it has all kind of negative...
  12. D

    Paci + Changing Mat

    Quick couple of questions... I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one? Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one? Cheers
  13. D

    SELFMADE ADULT BABY DIAPER PRINTS (downloadable and printable)

    Hi, I started to make my own adult baby diaper prints, trying to mimic some of the old pampers from 80's and 90's. I also make some of my own with images I find on the internet. Now I have 2 disney baby ones, that is ready for you to print on your diapers! The size of the print is nearly same...
  14. C

    Adult-Sized Crib -- For Real

    My first post on this forum! I found my way here when I was searching for those big special needs beds that can comfortably accomodate an adult. I've since done quite a bit of research and thought I'd share some of my findings. I've read a bunch of other threads, here, and on other forums...
  15. S

    Diaper tapes!!!

    Is it weird that I LOVE the sound of the tapes on diapers? I just sounds so great when opening them. Also which diaper (adult or baby) has the best tapes?
  16. M

    Introducing myself

    Ya, I will introduce myself now. I'm a 26 year old adult baby and I have spend time on lots of other forums, but now I'm here and I like the page very much, because it's very safe. I wear diapers everytime I can and I like to wear them very much. I don't know some friends who wear diapers, but I...
  17. MeggyGirl

    What your AB self looks like

    We all know that we have a Adult baby in all of us, even some of us that are old enough to be our grandfather. We also describe ourselves as innocent toddlers that want someone to guide us through stuff that we already know, give us that special time we wanted back when we were actually that age...
  18. MeggyGirl

    Perfect AB/DL day

    Have any of you ever had one of those days, when you couldn't focus on what you were doing, looking out into a window or spacing out, and started thinking back on your persona wheither it be the Parent or the Baby, and thought of a perfect day with him or her, just for the heck of it? I...
  19. Sitherus

    no longer teen baby

    as of November, 1st 2012 i am now 20 years old, when i was 18 i was told i was an adult but i still felt like a kid i was a teen 8 (TEEN) 9(teen) but, 20? i feel like i can go on to be a teen for as long as I'm one at heart like a kid or until I'm 21 but i don't know i am wondering what age is...
  20. FievelandTonyAB93

    Bambino vs AB Universe

    What do you think is the best online website for buying adult baby diapers: Bambino or AB Universe?