1. Dodgy

    Adult me and little me

    I’ve always felt like I’m too complicated of a human being, I have a lot of trouble compartmentalizing my self. It would be easier if one side of me was just business, office clothes and politeness, an adult really, and then the other side was the little that still needs diapers, that still...
  2. DiapersoulDylan

    High School For Adults

    If you were awarded a full ride scholarship, and didn't have to work to support yourself through school, would you attend a high school made for adults that is modeled after a large mainstream casual American public high school, but elevated in quality of facilities and quality of education...
  3. Angellothefox

    My ABDL shirt I do not know weather I showed you it or not

    This is the ABDL shirt I got back in October in a printing tshirt market in the White Rose Leeds. I would have wanted more but unfortunatly the man says "You can have costom design but you need a stick!" Which I knew which other design I wanted. I could have searched it online and said print...
  4. C

    budget diapers? (can baby diapers work?)

    I am unable to purchase diapers online, as i dont fancy credit or debit cards, and pay for everything in cash. the cheapest adult diapers i cant find in real life are 10$ a package, and typically i dont have that much free money to spend. is buying baby diapers a good alternative? id ont mind...
  5. T

    [NEW] ABDL/TBDL RANDOM CHAT SITE - Like Omegle, But About Diapers Only!

    Hello all ABDL/TBDLs, Many of us all have used a site called "" at least once before to talk about diapers or even for your very own erotic fantasies ;) But it gets difficult sometimes when you face wrong interest matches or even bots. I like a lot of people get bored of this, so I...
  6. CrinklesTheBunny

    Adult Big Wheel

    I saw this on the Internet, and I am so getting me one.