1. dirtydiaperdan

    Wearing diapers to work

    I am not incontinent but love wearing diapers and wearing in public. Does anyone wear to work? I want to but I have to wear khakis and they’re obvious under mine. Any tips to help hide it when I have to tuck in my shirt? I like wearing abena m4 and crinklz so they get big under my pants.
  2. dl122583


    Hi everyone 👋 I opened this account a while ago and kinda forgot about it but I’m back. I’m 26 work full time and of course enjoy diapers in my free time. I don’t think I’m a little but do really like the cute designs and some abdl accessories (snappies, Etc) I try to stay active and busy, so I...
  3. D

    Poll: Imagine you can improve ABDL community life

    Imagine You can improve ABDL community life and you can choose two from those 6 options above. Which would you like to exist commonly in our life? 1. Baby diaper producers like Pampers, Huggies, Bella etc., make diapers with adult size from XS to XXL but still with baby patterns, 2. ABDL diapers...
  4. LittleMonsterUK

    I love my comforter do you guys have one?

    I love my new comforter do you guys have one? They’re super soft and get you to sleep in no time!
  5. ciaopupp

    Hello! Introduction, Piece of the pi (Read me)

    (I accidentally posted this twice but this one is better because math joke and you get a picture of me) Hello everyone! I’m usually terrible at these intros but here goes because I want to make friends. I’m a 22 year old woman (little girl and submissive) and I’d describe myself as charming (if...

    Little Rules

    So my little has recently started trying to wear 24/7 and I was wondering if there are some littlespace rules that you all really enjoy that enhances the moment.
  7. S

    hello world

    hi i am a short story writer with diapers punishments humiliation everything a little ask anything.I already had a wattpad account that was deleted for no reason abdl10056
  8. LittleMonsterUK

    What’s the absolute best body groomer/shaver?

    I’m making shaving bellow the waist a permanent thing but my current shaver is causing rashes I think it’s too harsh on the skin so taking recommendations thank you! I’m looking at the manscaped 4.0 right now but want a second opinion incase I miss something good.
  9. LittleMonsterUK

    I’ve started growing again since regressing

    So I don’t know if this is a coincidence since moving into regression permanently on the evenings and wearing 24/7 I’ve started growing again I was already 6ft 6 to begin with so this seems absurd to me I’m currently 22 was my birthday yesterday but I’ve started developing growth marks again is...
  10. Angellothefox

    Anyone know any Let’s players on Youtube that do ABDL games?

    I was just wondering because once they used to be TONS Of ABDL let's players playing such ABDL games as Perpetual change, The Endless Road (Which was a text base 8 bit adventure game) and many many more! 🎮 Now a days they are hard to come by. Yes you can find stuff like Perpetual Change, a...
  11. J

    UK ABDL - Saying Hello

    Let's start by saying I have been interested in AB/DL for a good few years now. This started in my mid 20's and has just continued as I explore further. For me there is something 'safe' about being diapered which is something which I enjoy the most and the ability of being 'free' as I would say...
  12. loadedpamperman

    WHO else is in NE Pennsylvania?

    Howdy! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the dwindling days of summer. I'm trying to find the rest of the ABs, DLs or fellow incontinence inspired DLs like myself. Statistics indicate there has to be A LOT MORE people in the "greater" Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area as geographically it's...
  13. LittleMonsterUK

    I’ve found nemo!

    I’ve found nemo he’s coming home! 😍🙈🙉 I’m curious what plushies do you all have/like?
  14. LittleMonsterUK

    how many diapers do you use a day

    how many diapers do you use a day me personally 1/2
  15. LittleMonsterUK

    Pacifier lip skin troubles

    Recently I bought a pacifer about 20 days ago now personally I love it and can get addicted quite easily however I’m having one issue which only occurs sometimes which is really confusing me but its causing issues with my lips its hard to describe it’s like the skin is lifted up kinda feels like...
  16. LittleMonsterUK

    Crinklz Crate size/4 packs?

    I’m curious to the size of a crate of crinklz? Thinking about ordering 4 packs just don’t want a huge box arriving and not been able to get it in the door 😂 need to spice up my 24/7 wearing.
  17. LittlePigCub

    I Found A Spotify Artist That Makes 80's, Rock, Punk, Pop ect Songs into Lullabies!

    Look for Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, it's amazing they have everything from Boy George, to The Cranberries, Girls just wanna have fun ect
  18. LittleMonsterUK

    Diaper bin recommendation.

    Since going 24/7 the only con is having to go to the outside bin every time does anyone have a diaper bin they’d recommend or another way to dispose, to add to this I’m looking for a convenient bin that uses regular garbage liners. Thanks in advance.
  19. LittleMonsterUK

    Diaper bin for disposal?

    So since I’ve been going 24/7 there’s 1 con and that’s disposal I’ve thought about ordering a diaper bin but don’t really know which one to get I just want something I can put them in and then just take out 1 bin liner for example I’ve found some online which look decent but don’t know if I’ll...
  20. LittleMonsterUK

    Has anyone had experience with these monster diapers?

    Hey so just a quick question I’m wondering if anyone has experienced these monster diapers, I mean they look alright and works out at about £0.80 per unit or 1 USD For an abdl diaper/nappy that’s pretty good going but never tried them so that’s why I’m asking, if no one has I’ll be the first...