1. ABDElsa

    Trying the ABU TinyTails

    Lions, Foxes, Otters, and Deer, oh my! I'm not a Furry, but I just HAD to try the new TinyTails Diapers from ABU. So many things to love about them! For one they're ABU's first plastic back positional printed Diaper, as well as their first all-over printed Diaper package with games, the pastels...
  2. BabyMaxy2006

    Caregiver Mod - Minecraft

    I am not sure if this is OK so I wont post any images just yet, but I want to share my Dev work with you, I wont post any links to download it or anything but as you can see on my profile I am making a mod called Caregiver, it gives caregiver options back to the mod NappyCraft, the creator of it...
  3. Kunbenshero

    the rest of my true story

    Hi i'm kunbenshero you can check my profile to read my true story. the rest of the story........... i made a promise to not wearing daipers after weeks the behavior came again and i was like resisting resisting over and over i was like to think about burning my finger to not wear daipers i hurt...
  4. bbjett

    My intro!

    Hi all! My name is Jett, I’m new to the community! I’m always open to chatting, and I’d love to get to know some people!
  5. PrincessPottiPanties

    no more big girl panties

    today i threw out all my big girl panties. really want to commit to full time diapers for good this time. gonna get some xl girls goodnights pull ups for times when i have to go long periods of time without changies and instead need to use the big girl potty.
  6. PrincessPottiPanties

    trans diaper girl in NC

    Hi, iv been using diapers off and on and tapping into my little side for probably 10 years or so. back in 2020 i went 3 months wearing diapers full time but ultimately gave up. iv had phases of wanting to be full time but not wanting to commit. well, im going for it again. im only on day 4 but i...
  7. jakediapybum

    Diaper spa/nursery in NH

    Absolutely crazy how much press this is getting. Of course people are saying the most horrible things. Sad https://www.unilad.com/news/us-news/atkinson-diaper-spa-role-play-controversy-458504-20240202
  8. BabyCandyHearts

    Post wetting dribbling

    I have no continence issues. But… when I empty my bladder into my nappy/diaper in certain positions when I then change position, say stand up, I feel dribbles of pee go into the nappy. This only happens when I wet a nappy/diaper. Never if I use the toilet. Has anyone else had this issue? It’s...
  9. ABDElsa

    Imagine an ABDL/DDLG Gameshow! 😮

    Last night I had a crazy dream that I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a New Nickelodeon Game Show called "I'll be Your Baby, Do You Wanna be my Daddy?" That's the first indication it was just a dream! They'd NEVER show something like that on Nickelodeon Basically all the contestants...
  10. Jonsnow12

    Favorite diapers and why...

    I'm still searching for my go to diaper. I love the little feel and aesthetic of cloth backs like the ABU little kings and waddlers especially with the full hook and loops. Plus they make for a discreet wear (less rustle) but love the functionality of plastic backed pumps like rearz, trest...
  11. Jonsnow12

    Dating scene/Friends

    Been craving a relationship or more friends who are into this kink but also want to be able to connect on a deeper more personal level. Most of the sites I've been on are iffy at best, fetlife.com is huge but there are so many weirdos on there alot of people are on guard, diapermates.com has...
  12. Jonsnow12

    Hey new here my name is Matt!

    My name is Matt im a 27 yr old DL who just loves diaper in general, the feel, the comfort, the aesthetic, all of it I been an all around fan for like 12 years. My whole goal I suppose is to hopefully meet my other half who shares that as well. Maybe I'll get lucky who knows. I'm a gym head and...
  13. michaelmc


    Am i the only member here who wishes we had some more relatable smilies that are more topical to our content? What are your ideas for smilies ? More ABDL , SISSY , IC 👶👼🐤🍼🚼🐥🐣👨‍🍼👩‍🍼🧑‍🍼🤱🌈🎀 I would love some more relevant to adisc
  14. emasalas1990

    I'm new to publishing

    Hola como están, esta es mi primera publicación, soy abdl de Sudamérica. [""Hello, how are you, this is my first post, I am abdl from South America.""] ~ KitsuneFox
  15. TBear88

    What are you currently soaked in?

    Just wondering who is currently soaked in what while reading this post. To be fair as I write this post I’m in a soaked NorthShore mega max airlock lite size small.
  16. ShyGirl91

    My web store DaydreamZzz & Playthings is open!

    I just opened my own web store!! 🥹 I started with Etsy but decided I'd rather create my own store and brand. It's been a lot of fun and has helped keep me out of my head and has helped alleviate the intensity of depression. My brand title is "Still Smoll" and the logo is a Bear holding a...
  17. nanas04

    Feeling Curious

    Hi everyone! I’m here with a question that I always love to ask abdl people like me. How did your interest in abdl start? I have fantasies since such an early age and I still don’t understand what was the thing that made it happen. I hope to read some answers, have a great day!🥰
  18. AVictoryPointe

    Withholding happiness didn’t help me

    The last few months, I’ve gone through a really trying period. For my own sake, I’m not going to go into details, but I needed to get out of a problem. Every day, for 6 months, I’ve lived in paranoia with this problem, trying to solve it. And for most of that time, my internal dialogue was...
  19. PamperPupper

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to ADISC but not new to ABDL! I'm sure a few of you might know me elsewhere or have seen my embarrassing pics all over the web! I'm just looking to post more content and get my face exposed elsewhere.
  20. ABDElsa

    ABDL Funko POPs!

    Tonight on Twitter I discovered a Babyfur who prompted AI to make Funko POPs! ABDL/Babyfur Funko POPs! Now as an Artist I'm fully against AI art stealing other artist's work! But this is different because it's not art but more making a Funko POP! By sampling pre-existing POP Pieces, kinda like...