1. J

    Do you folks that wear diapers for pleasure ever wear for practical purposes too?

    I took my dog for a long walk earlier and decided to wear a diaper so I wouldn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks. We walked for about three hours and my diaper was heavy, saggy, and leaking a bit by the end so we called it quits then. It was fun though and I didn’t have to stop for potty...
  2. heewxn

    Can I go #2 in adult pull ups?

    Do pull ups hold #2 ?
  3. Littlediaperfox

    My diaper starsh

    I am 18 finishing 12th grade and my parents now I like to wear but hate it so I get secretly I don't have a license or bank account or Id yet so that's that a d here is a picture of the diapers I have at my dad's rightnow I have more some at my mom's with the parents knowing my dad is more...
  4. K

    Forced to use diaper and catheter in hospital

    Has anyone been force to use diaper and catheter in hospital. Recently I had fractured my left leg and was warded in hospital with a thick cast on my leg. I was not allowed to walk to use the toilet. in hospital they had given me a bottle to pee, but however I tried I was not able to pee in...
  5. dolecrush

    Best Drug Store Diaper?

    Hi y'all I recently started to wear diapers and wet them every so often, but I've only used Goodnites XL because I thought they were a good cheap diaper. Could I get some recommendations for a diaper from a place like Walgreens or a grocery store pharmacy? My roommate is a little nosey when it...
  6. heewxn

    Which is better?

    Tena slip maxi vs. Tena slip super Which one is better?
  7. Demonbabywearspamps

    Diapers don't actually hold that much??

    I recently found out that when a diaper says it holds 6000/7000/9500ml it does not actually hold that much and it's not accurate to what it holds when a normal person uses it. Did anyone else know that and if so how much would these diapers actually hold? I'm most interested in the trest and...
  8. G

    What did you do when you where young for diapers?

    For me it started at a young age finding some pull ups that belonged to my sister, under the bathroom counter. I would just put them on and wait around in the bathroom for a while and hide it somewhere. That was the very start, after somebody threw them away I was left without them for many...
  9. Atotom912

    What's your favorite messy diaper archetype in abdl art?

    For context, JimmyWuffster on twitter made a whole ass alignment chart made of the different ways pamps can be drawn while messy. This is actually really interesting and to be honest, I've pretty much been waiting for someone to do this. It's gonna be so much easier to describe what I want when...
  10. W

    My mom and her diapers (REAL)

    My mother wore diapers, practically her entire life. I remember when I was little, she used to walk around the house with her diaper on just for pleasure, not for any particular inconvenience. My dad never had a problem. He always changed her diapers. The trouble started when she broke up with...
  11. ronnieM

    I put baby hook and loop on adult diapers. Here are the results.

    If you know me, you know I'm one to gripe about just how mediocre the current market is, abdl or medical, in terms of hook and loop on adult diapers. In 99% of implementations, they simply all use the same low-gauge hook and loop fasteners which don't stick well and slide around after they've...
  12. EcoIncon

    Admiring Serenity in those that are dual or fecal Incontinent

    It's a beautiful fall day. The leaves are mostly turned and many are falling to the ground. The trail through the woods I normally run is carpeted and the leaves crunch underfoot. The weather is sunny and the temperature in the 50s. I am out for a lunchtime run and really enjoying the day...
  13. August08

    Diaper dreams

    Share some recent diaper dreams you’ve had! Last night I dreamt I wet a diaper going down a big tall rollercoaster and another where I accidentally posted a diaper video on a normal social media >\\\< I remember the design of the diaper too, it was probably a lfb baby cutie
  14. Kintobor

    It is that time again...

    It is that time again when i have to restock my diaper supply. I order in bulk 7 packs containing 176 diapers in total, should last nearly 2 months, i do it in order to lower the cost even if carrying them to the 3rd floor without elevator is a hassle >_< I save 30,94€ in bulk discount, also...
  15. FantasticPlastic

    Deep Diaper AI

    Hello All. This is my first post on this forum. Enjoying and embracing being an ABDL for the better part of 30 years. As I'm sure some of you have seen, there are a lot of AI related images out there, with AIs creating images of faces, changing styles of photographs, turning horses into zebras...
  16. sidewinder400

    Crinklz Plastic Run A Bit Thin?

    I usually get Northshore Megamax, and have loved them for months over similarly cost ABUniverse brand products. This order, I went with Crinklz. I think their advertising resonated with me, but you know how that goes. Overall I don't think Crinklz are a bad diaper per se, but I have to use a...
  17. donbrighton

    My Introduction To A Nervous DL

    My Introduction Hi everyone, I have been a fairly long-time browser of this site, mainly keeping up-to-date with the DL pages, as that's how I primarily identify when it comes to all of this side of me. I have been wanting to pluck up the courage to start posting on this site for a little while...
  18. S

    Help Buying Diapers In South Africa

    Long story short I live in South Africa for some odd reason and I'm looking to get into the more AB side of this lifestyle. Currently, I'm using drynites that I bought and they're pretty good but I do want to experience ABDL diapers but I cannot find anywhere that sells proper ABDL diapers. I...
  19. S

    does anyone in Iran know where to get ABDL diapers and not just adult diapers?

    looking for good quality diapers in Iran. any suggestions ?
  20. softbrattypuppy

    First time crinklz purchase

    Hewwo guy's I'm puppy, 21 and I have a question 🥺💕 Since I finally moved out of my parents home I can buy for the first time real diapers and not just pull-ups buh I want to do it the right way since it would make me sad if I order them too big or too small >.< I 'm 1,63m tall and weight 50kg...