1. ABDElsa

    Trying the ABU TinyTails

    Lions, Foxes, Otters, and Deer, oh my! I'm not a Furry, but I just HAD to try the new TinyTails Diapers from ABU. So many things to love about them! For one they're ABU's first plastic back positional printed Diaper, as well as their first all-over printed Diaper package with games, the pastels...
  2. Daan

    Gloves and Aprons

    I am incontiment and I get changed with gloves and apron by my mother also she wears the gloves and apron during bathing me or assisting with toothbrushing, etc Like she wears the apron and gloves every time she is caring for me at butt wiping only gloves But rest also an apron How you get...
  3. babypancho


    Is there anyone here from Ohio?? Maybe near Cleveland
  4. pugglesmuggles

    BetterDry... I think I'm a convert!

    Hello, just wanted to share an experience and also maybe gather some other opinions as well- first of all, age 35, male, 90% UIC for 3.5 years. It took me a while to "arrive" at the need for diapers 24/7, as for a lot of us it did, but once I did about 2 years ago and did some experimenting...
  5. PampLuv

    What Is Your Diaper Wish?

    If you had one diaper related wish, what would it be?
  6. Andrew1599

    Little diapers lover

    Little baby, Andrew
  7. Zooxtry

    Missing a diaper in my small little stash, help me investigate (info in thread)

    DISCLAIMER: If I were to sound like a child then you know why :D I'm currently on a trip with my whole family and I brought with me 3 adult diapers, and 7 child diapers. I'm almost 100% positive I took 7 and not just 6. One's missing, very unlikely I lost it, I actually think my sister took it...
  8. bbjett

    My intro!

    Hi all! My name is Jett, I’m new to the community! I’m always open to chatting, and I’d love to get to know some people!
  9. SoggyGolfer

    First time flagged by TSA.

    Just went through TSA at the Denver airport. I have Pre check and moved through the line as normal. I had my knee replaced last year so I’m required to go to the stand up scanner instead of the metal scanner. As I’ve done literally 100’s of times I wear a Rearz all white diaper. Make sure...
  10. pugglesmuggles

    Specific kind of diaper leaking- male UIC. Anyone else?

    Hello- so I've been UIC for about 3.5 years, and I currently wear Northshore MegaMax diapers for it, day and night, usually two in a 24-hour period, one at night, one during the day, although I occasionally have to change mid-day, due mostly to what I'm going to describe below. I just want to...
  11. Jonsnow12

    Favorite diapers and why...

    I'm still searching for my go to diaper. I love the little feel and aesthetic of cloth backs like the ABU little kings and waddlers especially with the full hook and loops. Plus they make for a discreet wear (less rustle) but love the functionality of plastic backed pumps like rearz, trest...
  12. txfire89

    New to almost everything

    Hello, as stated above I am new to almost everything. I just got out of an abusive relationship after 4 years and am opening my eyes to new things. At the time of writing I’m 35 male in Texas. I don’t know much else of what to put but am an open book otherwise!
  13. tarzan


    So nice to meet others who also wear diapers! I'm not sure where my desire to wear diapers started, but I can't remember a time where I wasn't fascinated by them. As a child I would conjure numerous ways to remain in them despite already being trained. My most vivid memories involve diapers...
  14. N

    What diaper do you like so I can try them out

    If you can thank you!
  15. aligator

    Spina Bifida

    I learned the cause of my neurogenic bladder. This is spina bifida S1. As far as I can, as I wrote before, there is no complete loss over the controller. Currently, I do not need surgical intervention. I prefer diapers because the drugs only fight the symptoms and have side effects. Are there...
  16. AnotherGundalian

    New Idea/Potential Project: Diaper Achievements!

    Hi y'all! First actual post here, but I think I got something good. Recently while thinking of the many Diaper Dares threads and how I'm gonna spend my 3 day weekend having fun wearing for the first time in a while, an idea popped into my head: achievements for wearing! For those who may not...
  17. lust4apples

    My first time wearing around my spouse

    So I promised I would give you all an update on how yesterday went so here goes. We're actually going to go back to Saturday night. I was so nervous about wearing around him that I ended up padding at around midnight Saturday instead of Sunday morning. Attempted to go to bed at 12:30, could...
  18. lust4apples

    I thought my neighbor was going to know/suspect

    For context: some of you might recall today is the first day I plan to wear around my spouse. He works today and won't be home for a few more hours. I knew I was going to have a ton of nervous energy so I agreed to do some cleaning we didn't get to yesterday. But I didn't just how nervous I...
  19. lust4apples

    How often do you wear diapers?

    Sorry for all the questions I've been asking since joining up but I'm learning so much from everyone here so I've been energized to ask a ton of you all. I've been seeing so many different experiences here from people and it got me curious. How often do you wear and why? Are you 24/7, daytime...
  20. lust4apples

    First time wearing and wetting during an online meeting

    I just had a big milestone and wanted to share. For context I mostly work from home and I've been occasionally wearing during work hours where I'm not working with anyone or talking to clients. Today I decided I needed to wear as soon as I woke up and have been wearing through my work day since...