1. A

    procedure to wearing whilst living with family?

    What’s your procedure to wear discreetly whilst living under one roof with someone who doesn’t know, weather it be family or a partner? I’m with family, so I make sure to do this when they go to bed, so I wait about 30-60 mins once they go to bed, then I go downstairs, grab a trash bag, and a...
  2. jjpadded

    Hiding incontinence from friends and family

    Only my partner knows about my issues, I keep it a secret from everyone else. How do you manage incontinence and diaper/pad wearing without friends and family finding out? Or are you out and proud?
  3. Cheesycake

    Diapers while drinking?

    So, for those of us that drink we know that alcohol makes us pee more. One of the few times I've worn diapers (I don't do it much) I drank that night, and went through about 5 or so of them really fast. Now, in my case I only had the standard Tena pullups you can buy in stores, so I'm wondering...
  4. Bignath99

    New to this

    Hello I'm Nathan I love to wear diaper
  5. S

    hello world

    hi i am a short story writer with diapers punishments humiliation everything a little ask anything.I already had a wattpad account that was deleted for no reason abdl10056
  6. J

    UK ABDL - Saying Hello

    Let's start by saying I have been interested in AB/DL for a good few years now. This started in my mid 20's and has just continued as I explore further. For me there is something 'safe' about being diapered which is something which I enjoy the most and the ability of being 'free' as I would say...
  7. jjpadded

    Diaper Storage… where do you keep yours?

    I’m inquisitive to know where people store, hide or keep their diapers? For years now I’ve hidden mine under the bed.
  8. hankshrader

    Diaper changing

    Has anybody ever been changed out of a messy diaper by somebody? Or have you ever changed somebody's messy diaper? Love the idea of this!
  9. littly

    I have bought my first diapers (goodnites) secretly just now

    I almost had a panic attack but I've been succesful to get them and store them secretly. I am now prepared to be caught! Any tips on how to put them on, use them etc.?
  10. Jammy

    anybaby around Missouri

    just wondering if ther any missouri ppl out ther
  11. Jammy

    Want to wear diapers at work with out being notticed ?

    i wanted to know how i can wear diapers at my work/public with out geting caught ? whats the best quite diaper i can wear ? or cloth combo
  12. LittleMonsterUK

    Anyway to go 24/7 without becoming dependent?

    So I tried 24/7 last week thinking it would be a fun few days and decided to try and stop wearing diapers and get some sense of normality but to me I don’t feel complete without them or to me my normal which seems ridiculous but seriously if I don’t I’ll just end up thinking about it and not...
  13. SmolPupprrito

    Powder vs Lotion

    Soooo to prevent nappy rash and keep comfortable, i always powder up before wearing and after changiies, the feeling and scent of baby powder always helps with confidence when wearing and wetting However, i wanna know how lotion/nappy rash creme (such as bepanthen) compares to help avoid nappy...
  14. L


  15. Demonbabywearspamps

    16 diapers??

    Has anyone noticed that rearz Lil Monsters has 16 diapers in a size large bag? Is this a mistake or is it real?
  16. I

    First Time Buying Diapers and I Need Advice

    Howdy ! :D Recently I finally built up the courage to take the first step to try and purchase some diapers after wanting to try them for 15 odd years now. I am currently still living at home with my family due to some issues that cropped up a while ago, but I have the home to myself for the...
  17. Charlotte0067

    Looking for recommendations

    I’m looking for recommendations on diapers to try as the stores near me don’t stock the best selection of diapers so I have to turn to online. Looking for pretty much any suggestions as I don’t want to just go out and waste my money on an expensive pack of diapers to just end up not liking them...
  18. Abreeze

    Are Megamax diapers good for a new DL?

    Are Northshore’s Megamax adult-diaper a good diaper to start with? I’ve never worn a diaper before but was looking for advice on a good ground to start on.
  19. Abreeze

    My introduction

    Hi I’m new to the abdl community (I’m a diaper lover) and never have actually worn a diaper for but am looking to do so in the future. I’m in a stable loving relationship and am looking for advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with my significant other despite me recently opening up...
  20. C

    The Sprained Ankle - Chapters 1-4

    My best friend was a soccer player and still played in a co-ed over 30 league. With nothing to do one night, I went to his game and joined his friends for a post-game drink. A girl I didn't know had played in the game and was probably the best player. Her name was JJ (she later explained it...