1. Angellothefox

    Another Tshirt I got printed

    Another Tshirt I got printed at the white rose this time it is a AGE PLAY Logo I got this with my suport worker and this time we had a stick. The guy wanted to know which one it was and then found it. Oh it is under Tshirt design :sweatdrop: So we waited for that to be printed and got some...
  2. Angellothefox

    My ABDL shirt I do not know weather I showed you it or not

    This is the ABDL shirt I got back in October in a printing tshirt market in the White Rose Leeds. I would have wanted more but unfortunatly the man says "You can have costom design but you need a stick!" Which I knew which other design I wanted. I could have searched it online and said print...
  3. BayB8

    Tshirt and a Diaper

    For the first time I am wearing nothing but a tshirt and a diaper. I usually wear pants or something over, but for some reason I just want to lose the pants today. I'm currently cleaning my house in nothing but a diaper and a tshirt and It feels good! :)