1. ronnieM

    The Earliest Memories You Can Remember

    This is not specific to any types of memories, etc. diaper memories, but rather the first memory you can remember and are fairly confident that your mind didn't make it up. It is often stated that people cannot remember memories from before the age of two, but that does not always hold. Some...
  2. D

    AB Diapers Size

    I recently bought some AB diapers that were Medium. My waist is 29-30. Should I look for a Small size or do I want them a little larger?
  3. D

    Hesitation wearing diapers

    I had a session with my therapist yesterday where I shared my desire to wear in the past. She encouraged me to wear diapers and examine how that makes me feel. I'm nervous to put them back on. Any advice or suggestions?
  4. M

    Finished The Swarm (Chapter 1)

    The Swarm Ch. 1 Ally pressed her ear against the door. She could still hear them, wizzing around desperately searching for their victims. She had avoided them this time, somehow. Feeling satisfied with her escape, she tip-toed across the creaky wooden floor, careful to avoid any nails or...
  5. psychonautalis

    Book Review!? Post your AB books here !

    Hello Little and Big Friends, Just recently bought a book in the mail to help my partner understand my baby side. We purchased "There's still a baby in my bed!" By Rosalie Bent. Have any of you had the chance to read and share this book with your partners? Even if you haven't shared it with...
  6. I


    I am a ABDL I want to know more about anything. I am 27 years old and am lost
  7. SecretlyABDL94

    Happy ABDL Halloween!!!

    Need a costume idea for Halloween ABDLs? Just go as yourself. Adults dress up like babies for Halloween all the time anyway so, most people will think nothing of it. They don't know you dress up like a baby all the time and that you're really an ABDL, they'll just think you're wearing a costume...
  8. K

    Abdl/diaperfur podcasts

    Unless I missed it I couldn’t find a good post that had a list of Abdl/baby fur/diaperfur podcasts that are still active. Anyone know of any? The only one I’m aware of that still posts is the big little podcast which last aired in July.
  9. kik91

    Babied by my Best Friend (Chronicle of the Best Week EVER!)

    Babied by my Best Friend (Chronicle of the Best Week EVER!) So, I’ve shared my story, but actually I decided to tell a bit of a chronicle of the time my best friend babied me, and how it turned to be the best week of my life. Now, this happened three years ago, but I have so many vivid memories...
  10. Poofybutt

    Infantile Bliss

    I just finished graduating University, and during the last week I had zero time for anything AB related. Well, since yesterday was my last day and I have some free time before my next contractual gig starts, I decided to go into baby mode yesterday evening and well into today. I always have...
  11. michaelmc

    Baby diapers

    If you could upscale a baby diaper to fit an adult which brand would you choose? For me it would be Pampers air!:2thumbsup:
  12. Poofybutt

    Baby Weekend With Mommy

    Howdy Y'all, As the title says, me and my Mommy friend are gearing up for a beautiful weekend with one another starting this Thursday and ending later in the evening on Saturday :) I'm so excited, the stars have aligned, I have a rare weekend off and so does she. She is picking me up Thursday...
  13. Poofybutt

    A Day With Mommy

    Greetings y'all So I just had an incredible evening. Details to follow, but a bit of set-up first. Since my late teens, I've learned to accept this side of myself, however, being an AB hasn't always been conducive to finding a SO. I have had only 2 serious girlfriends since I hit my twenties...
  14. BabyPrincessMimi

    How to be more confident in buying baby things?

    How does everyone manage to go into stores and purchase baby things? I seem to get too anxious to actually do it and there’s things I need. If anyone could give any advice on how to be more confident I’d gladly take it. Thanks for reading
  15. Poofybutt

    Baby Toy Haul

    Haven't started a post in a while, but today I have reason to. A friend of mine from back in high-school, who I keep in touch with online and in person, just contacted me out of the blue a few weeks ago. She has always been aware of my AB interests and lifestyle, she was one of the first people...
  16. happiesxxl

    Huge size baby diapers size 7!

    These are huge size 7 Diapers. Tried them and they are the biggest I have ever found anywhere in the world! Love the cute packaging as well. A nice find for my collection. I collect vintage and modern baby diapers in extra large sizes. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. I know how...
  17. dlguy4life

    Scented Colognes

    Has anyone tried the "Baby Powder" or "New Baby" fragrance cologne scents from Demeter? (see links below) I've always been searching for the perfect scent that represents that smell of the freshly opened pack of Luvs/Pampers diapers. I wonder if these fragrances smell anything like that...
  18. W

    How to make goodnites babyish

    I have a pack of large girls goodnites and would like to know how to make them babyish and thicker i also have 4t-5t pull ups if that can be used in any way all suggestions welcome
  19. W

    Diaper Punishment

    Give me a diaper punishment you can say what i'd have to do to earn a punishment
  20. B

    Help Request Mobile App

    How Can I Get Mobile App Mentioned For Android Tablets. I Can No Find On Play Store?