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Thread: If you were to win the Megaball, you would...

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    Default If you were to win the Megaball, you would...

    I would buy you all 100 cases of your favorite diaper brand!

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    Haha...yeah, it would be nice to buy all the active members here all the diapers they wanted. For myself, I would look to buy a house like in my short story here, "The House At the End of the Road". It would be even better to find a mansion that was haunted by ghosts that would convince yourself that you were a toddler. After all, money should buy anything....right?

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    I'd have a house where I'd have my nursery. I'd be more than happy to have friends over to share in my diaper supply and be able to play with my toys

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    Depends on how much it pays. I'd buy a bunch of stuff I want (diaper related or otherwise), and then save some for more important things. Talking specifically diaper related stuff, I'd probably get a big selection of cloth and disposables and maybe some other equipment too.

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    Let's say you would pocket 100 million after the lump sum agreement and taxes. How would you use the money to make your AB/DL lifestyle the most enjoyable?

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    I can't think of anything too specific outside of going on an online shopping spree and buying a bunch of AB/DL stuff that I'd want, no matter the cost.

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    After the paying of bills, getting/renovating my home, taking care of my mother and family, do some charity work, etc, I guess the first thing would to go on a buying spree for baby items and also for sissy dresses and stuff. I would also like to set two rooms aside in my house: one as a baby's room with crib, changing table and all the other things a big baby needs and then a little girl's room for my sissy side.

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    I don't think I would buy 100 cases of my favorite brand. But I would definitely make a nursery and get tons of diapers. I would definitely buy as many different good types of diapers.

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    As fond as I am of this old house, I'd probably get something nicer, in a better neighborhood. Definitely would have a room to myself though, well-stocked. 100 cases sounds a bit excessive, but I bet I could fill a large storage room pretty easily.

    I've seen a few drawings of people (usually diaperfurs?) flopping in a huge pile of colorful diapers. That would have to be on my list of things to try if wasting diapers wasn't a concern.

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