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    Yes I do :D I'll see if I can get on now.
    I might be able to at about 9:30 EST, maybe a little sooner (About an hour from now) :)
    Yeah thanks

    i am training now (working out, and lots of cardio) looking to do some bike races and even a triathlon this year.
    So i stopped drinking beer and alcohol. Keeping the toxins and empty-calories out of my body!
    Anyway, i'll be dancing, laughing, telling jokes, engaged in fun conversations, smiling, and enjoying water with lemon (or lime).

    And when i used to drink, I'd have a few drinks, and i really don't ever care to get "drunk" again, its too much, its nasty throwing up, and its nasty having a alcohol breath. It's all good!

    Oh, just a friendly warning (I seen it in the chatroom), at ADISC, we can not promote drinking and things like drugs and so forth, just saying....
    Ok good luck with the finals!
    This weekend looks like this, swimming in the ocean on Saturday afternoon. Clubbing with friends Saturday night. And it looks like going to church with family Sunday morning, and a bike ride (on my race bike) Sunday afternoon...
    your avatar is super cute! it breaks my heart when you drop the candy and he gets the sad face with the little "daww" squeak.
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