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    A crazy idea including a onesie and a time safe and a diaper

    Sounds really fun!! Might think about stealing your idea when I've got more money at my disposal. Also, I found it in blue and had a good laugh
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    Credit cards

    I'm asking for some financial advice for someone, like myself, who has a low credit score and is looking for a fist time credit card. After looking around on the internet, I've found a card that sounds pretty good, and I've been approved for it (Capitalone secured mastercard). I've talked it...
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    Any other semi drivers

    I drove an early 2000's late 90's international for a farmer this year as well as a 1988 ford. Both really fun to drive and I'm excited to get back on the horse next year. This is the only picture I have of it, this is what happens when you blow a hose on your PTO and you need to dump
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    Post Pictures of Yourself

    Fine, I'll do it. My brother wanted to make me look like a douche bag when he took this pic lol. I hate how much I look like a tool, but I look pretty good haha
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    The Power of Nature

    Living in the northwest, I can visit a lot of beautiful places that right outside my door. One of my most memorable experiences was last year, just north of canon beach in Oregon. It was 1 in the morning, I was camping with the family, but I couldn't sleep, so I took a lawn chair and went down...
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    Places to go in the US

    Oregon coast is beautiful. I took these pictures within 5 miles of eachother
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    What's poppin' yall????

    I was a member 3-ish years ago, back before minors were removed and now I'm back!!!! It's great to be back and see some of the old people that I knew back in the day and it's great to see all of the "new" people. Now on to me, I'm a pretty average guy I guess. I like all the regular "guy" stuff...