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  • I hope the new job's going well! (I hope there's an employee discount program!! :D) Happy thoughts!
    Evenin', Cat! It's been a good long while since I've glimpsed a post from you. Happy thoughts! More color!! Cheerio -- Cottontail.
    Hey Catinhehat. Saw that you sent me a friend request. Thanks for sending me one. I'm also trying to make more friends, so I hope that we can become friends. Feel free to VM or PM whenever. :)
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request, and I'm glad the Goodnites ended up working out. I suppose it's a minor pain to have to mod them, but if you like they way they feel and look otherwise, then perhaps it's not so bad. It's always good to have a diaper option that you can buy at almost any grocery store or supermarket. Take care!
    So as a trumpet player you MUST know who Wayne Bergeron is right?
    So I just found out, he is comming in a few months to do a clinic literally 5 min from my house.

    How cool is that?
    Hunterdon county/Ocean county
    i'm all good. hopin school won't be all sucky wen i get back :p a week right after my birthday so poo..... i get alot of time being daddy to my gf and she will baby me too. ^_^ i wish she was back. she's in new jersey now. i think near the beach. point pleasant or something
    I love Bambino Classico you want be disappointment. I have only tried them a few times, they are hard to get in Australia. Congrats on the order.
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