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  • Hello Descolada,

    the post to which you referred to was originally posted many months ago, and was effectively a "knee jerk" reaction to a message i received from here.

    At the time i was a little stressed because of outside pressures and other things - nothing to do with ADISC, but regretfully i vented my thoughts in such a manner.

    i have since asked the moderators to remove that post (which thankfully they have), so that anyone who visits my profile will not need to see this negative rant.

    Now i can re-enter this wonderful place and become a proper active member, and maybe one day earn your respect as well.

    thank you for send me your message, and i appreciate your thoughts,

    kind regards

    Ah Logic is your friend... takes a bit of getting used to, like most new programs but really it's good for MIDI. Myself, I'm an audio man but if MIDI is your thing then Logic is the way forward my friend :)
    Thats right, but they can be used for different things - Pro Tools and Logic are both DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) but both have MIDI capabilities - I think most Pro Tools users are big on Audio, whereas most Logic users are big on MIDI. I have Reason but I haven't gotten around to using it yet... need more space on my computer for things o work properly :(
    Hello mate! I don't have FL Studio 9 and to be honest, I've never heard of it but I'm guessing its something along the lines of Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools?
    huh. I didnt change my name. I have always been Abalex on Adisc. I go by LilMonkeyAlex on other sites tho.
    This made me laugh so hard:
    meh, frosts are for beasts. like level 138 beasts. like dzzo beasts :L, like top 50k players beasts :p
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