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  • Hey bud! I am doing fine. I missed wearing so much I went out and got myself some Korean Depends. Talk about different! I haven't had a computer until now, sorry I have not responded.
    going pretty good. Although i wouldn't mind a three day weekend too. How did you get one?
    Oh Man, no you didn't bore me, it was actually quite interesting. It was a ton of fun, and the movie was pretty cool to. The weekend was certainly a blast. How is the week going for you so far?
    Hey there, I saw your post on the theater thread and saw you're from Roy. I'm from North Ogden so we're not far from each other. By the way, how was Reel Steel?
    Yes I am a student. I wish I would have know about Petersens back when I lived in salt lake, had a car, and had money. Bambino sells molicare super plus for cheaper than that: 2 bags of 14 are $35 and it has free shipping.
    You like playing forza as well? Want to go for a few races?

    GT: Sid De Mouse
    Yeah, Roy is pretty close. Just as soon as i get a job, I sometimes travel to salt lake, which Roy is right along the way.
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