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  • I have A LOT of respect for you. You don't tow the Progressive line like everyone else.
    Haha, yeah, I totally feel what you mean. I'd say it's probably a combination of being homeschooled/cyberschooled about halfway through my life and the fact that as a family we got knocked from white collar down to blue collar and experienced both ends of the spectrum, most people just experience half and don't understand the other side, I have a thorough understanding of both ends though, seems to give some common sense clarity that others don't have.
    Sorry completely missed thus lol, thanks. I actually got it "missreading" bladder Brian. It stuck so... call me BB.
    Thanks. I have a basic profile started over there but haven't really done anything with it yet. First came acceptance (done) and now I'll start exploring it further!
    I was reading your post on the "penis up ..." thread about tucking and I'm intrigued. Can you give me some more detail like how exactly you get it tucked and how you keep it that way.

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