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  • Not really. The door is still broke, and I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way. Christmas pretty much sucked, and I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of my life while my mother consistently knocks said pieces out of my hands. Hopefully, you're doing better than I am.
    I agree. Life's been a crapchute for a while now, and something positive doesn't happen every day. My nice positive today was that I may have met a new friend from YouTube. I don't know the person's name, and I'm not even sure whether it's a boy or a girl, but I know they have some similar interests, so I hope that goes somewhere. My not-so-nice positive today was that I pulled my go-to prank in Lowes. Whenever one of the employee phones is left around (the giant blue ones), I sneak it into the bathroom and moon the camera, and then I just wait until one of them finds it. Even though it's in very poor taste, it's still hilarious. What's your positive today?
    Hi Argent! Since my inbox on ADISC is full, is talking on the visitor messages section best, or is Discord better?
    Always love seeing how positive you are about self acceptance. You fly the flag for 'being yourself' in the best way. Thanks, I always feel good when reading your posts!
    Hey! Go get checked out now... heat stress/ heat stroke... it's nothing to play around with - thank you!
    Hey there, nice to hear from you, and thanks for the complement it makes me feel good. I hope you've been well, and not working too hard.
    Hey, you got me thinking. I shouldn't be such a sook...truth is I'd love to make you an avatar, it would be heaps of fun. I just got to find out how to get it to you...I'm still a bit weird about doing stuff outside of the forum.. there you go..I'm still a sook.:sad: PM me with how you would like it to look.
    Thanks Argent, I put my avatar together from bits n pieces of others and a little image manipulation. he's pretty cute hey! I'd like to help you with one but I'm still pretty shy about my participation here, it's the first time I've ever joined a forum, and unfortunately I have to participate very privately as you'd appreciate. It kinda sucks, making my avatar was a covert operation lol :) maybe one day hey!!! cheers
    I got the plastic ones, I think I might prefer them to abenas, fit me better :) that said, I managed to leak this morning so no sleeping in.

    Is it nice having someone who knows about you, your wife I mean?

    I've found a friend with serenity, we are going to watch all of firefly then serenity! I love all the references Nathan fillion makes to firefly in 'Castle' :) perfect weather for movies/series marathon :)
    Ive heard of serenity, but can't find it anywhere to watch!

    I've been AWOL for a bit sorry, it's only gotten colder here :(

    I got some pretty purple molicares, which so far I prefer to abenas(gasp!) and some pull up lil pants, that are worse than depends :(
    They finally have :)

    Sci fi is amazing! I haven't read many comics. I did like the graphic novels death note :)
    I'm currently watching joss Whedon's firefly series, which I think is scifi? Its incredible.

    Its minus two here At the moment, eeeek!
    Lol I live under a mountain, fully get the fog business.

    I love reading, but don't get to read what j want much as I'm studying. When I can though I like historical stuff and the odd mystery.
    What about you? :)
    Thankyou for the thoughts :) I'm sure I can survive though, the towel under sheet thing is working fairly well :)
    How's the weather there? It's been raining and freezing here!
    My nappies have still yet to turn up! Hoping it's today. I had a lively weekend, but this one shall be better as exams are over. I tried clothing up, but it was so ridiculously huge (used a towel) that I just ended up putting it over the plastic sheet and under the cotton one. Do you use them much?
    It does get so cold :( I'm
    Hoping new nappies turn up tomorrow, if not I'll give te towel a go, I've never been able to figure out how to do it though! Anything is better that soaked sheets and jamies I guess.

    Hope your long weekend was good?
    I get to chill which is lovely! You?
    Would be snuggly buy I've run out of nappies and have had a few cold damp mornings :(
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