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  • Wow tryed to relpy but your stored messages box has to many messages you can't receive any new ones until you do some cleaning out lol
    I did the same thing a while ago take care .
    Nice badge she does great work got mine at AC 2012.
    I guess I never left you a visitor message...How odd, to say the least. Oh well! Hai!
    Hey there Husky, just wanted to say, I love your new badge/avatar. Marci did a great job for you.
    Well if he already looks at that type of art I don't really think he will care all that much. Good luck with that!
    Fear is natural. It is unhealthy to have no fears. Remember though, you can always talk to me if you want about really anything. If you ever want to talk just send me a shout or whatever.
    PART 4: Right now, I regret nothing. I have not felt regret in years. Whenever shit hits the fan, I will think well that sucks and then work my way past it. In particularly bad cases, I will take a step back, allow myself to catch my bearings, find a way to keep myself calm (for you this might be nappies), and look for a way to make it through that one day. If you can make it through the day, your head will be clearer in the morning, I can almost guarantee that. Your brain will get the time it needs to stop throwing millions of thoughts at you in the night and when you wake up the next morning, then work on getting to a bigger solution. This solution has helped me through the worst things you can imagine.

    PS: sorry about the rant :p
    PART 3: Think of it this way, however you may have fucked up before, whatever misfortunes the universe threw at you, whatever, it is all something that you can not change. It happened. You must learn to accept that and to recognize that worrying about it will do you no good. You now have to keep your head and look at how you can save the situation, salvage something from the wreckage, or how you can move on and dull the impact said situation will have on your life.
    PART 2: Something else that helped me that I recommend you try integrating into your life is the acceptance of the knowledge that regret is the worst emotion you can ever experience as it alone will lead to all other negative emotions and feelings. Once you recognize regret as a hindrance to your life, you can than work at removing it entirely. I recognized this after experiencing horrible feeling of depression, thoughts of suicide, you know, all that good stuff. I noticed that a lot of the time I regretted past actions and eventually got to thinking that if I can stop regretting things that have already happened, I will be a much happier person.
    It is always incredibly relieving to be able to talk to anyone about this side of you since it is so taboo and hard to open up about this to the muggles. I was rather lucky when I went through the whole Binge/Purge thing in that I never real threw away mass amounts of stuff since the feeling usually hit me when I did not have nappies and felt like shit for wanting them. Another thing was that I went through much of the process of acceptance without ever wearing a nappy since it took me years to build up the courage to go and get some (I found out about this in 7th or 8th grade and my first package of diapers was junior year of High School).
    Rant Part 2: If I don't wear when I feel I want to however, and keep putting it off for very extended periods of time, for whatever reason, I get very cranky and start feeling depressed, sad, easily disrupted, unable to concentrate, and easily upset. Then, when I get back into my normal cycle of not wearing for a good month or two and then going crazy for a week (this changes of course from time to time as different stressful situations arise), I get happy again and can about my regular life again with no worries.
    I have sent you a friend request that you can ignore if you like :p. For me, nappies are just a comfort and stress relief thing. It is not really sexual but more of a preferred choice of undergarment. The strange thing is, however, that while I have not had a binge/purge cycle in years, I do seem to care about nappies in varying degrees at different points in time. That is, for the past month or so, I have not worn once because I just simply have not felt like it and don't really want to. In a while however, I am sure I will feel the need again and will happily indulge and feel no bits of remorse about it.
    Well that's the nice thing about ADISC vs. say, I don't know, dailydiapers, is that this website proves that we are people before we are ABDLs and the multitude of conversations on here that never even hint at this side of us is very refreshing. Of course we do discuss the diaper side of things as well but I guess that's what makes this so great. It is for this very reason that I have immense respect for Moo for being able to pull of running this sort of thing and maintaining a high level of intelligence and kindness on the internet which, let's face it, is a rare thing indeed, even on non-ABDL sites.

    Feel free to talk to me about anything you want. I may not be on here all that often and sometimes spend a good month away but I tend to always hear out others if I can help it, especially those that seem like decent human beings.
    It really is amazing that ADISC is around to help people in that type of situation. I am rather stable with this side of myself so I am here more to socialize occasionally and sees whats new but there are tons of people who have been in your position who report that finding this website helped them overcome their insecurities.
    I've been seeing you around on here for a while now and just felt like saying, I really appreciate your input here. Also, Huskies are the greatest thing to happen to humanity since the invention of the wheel... Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but they are pretty damn awesome!
    That's what is great about this site. Awesome people like you! It was a pleasure. Feel free to bug me whenever you're lonely! ^_^
    I totally get what you mean. While being nice to people brings me lots of joy and I just can't imagine doing otherwise, I know that part of why I started being nice to people was because I wanted people to accept me. I thought that being transgender and AB was sort of a lot to expect that people were going to be okay with... but I still am really excited to get to know new people. ^_^
    See you posting around a lot. You seem very nice. Wanted to just express that. ^_^ Hope things are going well for you right now.
    Lol I ve seen it too... Its quite good! Tho Girls Bravo is still my all time fave. You should check it out:) I have both seasons on dvd, but some episodes are on youtube as well.
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