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Thread: Wearing and wetting when there is nowhere to change

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    Default Wearing and wetting when there is nowhere to change

    I go on some long walks (10 miles) where there is nowhere to change - or go to the toilet for that matter. I have a low capacity bladder - so I really would like to wear padding for these to avoid being very uncomfortable if there is nowhere to go to the toilet.

    So far I've actually managed to find somewhere to change at the end - but it was awkward and the diaper was very full by then.

    I'm walking so I need to wear something discrete and fairly comfortable which doesn't restrict movement. Currently I am using Attends Flex 10 which does the job, and doesn't chafe - but I'm sure I could do better - any suggestions?

    Anyway my question is would it be worth stuffing the diaper with something to absorb the wetting which I can discretely take out, bag and dispose of in a bin without changing and just keep the same diaper on for the walk and then getting home too?

    Does that sound practical? What should I get?

    Thanks very much,

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    i hear a lot of people just use baby diapers with the wings cut off or something like that for stuffers. supposedly it still feels nice and you can just take it out and toss it in a bin. i don't know personally because i've never tried it myself though.

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    Thanks for the reply Kazykisu, I will try that.

    Could anyone suggest what size would be best for a medium adult?

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    i might actually. i suppose it depends on your type but i know a good friend of mine uses size 6. he says they fit inside nicely. although i would say if you're going to do this you might have to peel the plastic backing off the baby diapers? i'm... again not totally sure. i saw a video on this sometime ago but it has since been removed

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    Thanks. I will try the size 6 - that is more or less the biggest isn't it?

    Maybe in this case there is no need to take the backing off the baby diapers - as I want the main diaper to stay dry. What do you think?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll try it and report back.

    Thanks for your suggestions Kazy.

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    It does work well. I have used male guards inside a diaper which are a bit more discreet, but my experience was it held about 80%, and some always leaked into the main diaper. Baby diapers would prob work better. Try it.

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    Thanks LittleICme. I thought about trying male pads so thanks for the info on them.

    I'll try the size 6 diapers and see how I get on.

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    When I was walking 5k's while my wife ran the 10ks, I would put a Northshore booster inside of my diapers. That way, I would like you said, reach in and pull it out and still have some diaper left. Then there were times that I just made sure I had really good diapers on not worry about anything. When I was done, I would put a pad on my car seat just in case I leaked and then went to a safe place to change close by.

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    If you have a really well fitting main diaper with substantial leg cuffs, I've found that it's possible and very effective to use a bit smaller diaper inside that can just be pulled out when wet. That leaves the main diaper intact and unused until you can get back to your base of supplies. I like to use Kroger overnight underwear with all the excess material trimmed off. That leaves a substantial pad that even has standing leak guards, amazing absorbency with plenty of SAP, and yet it's thin enough when dry that it won't bulk up your padding system too much. It's wonderful. You get two diapers basically, but only one gets used and can be removed easily, quickly, and discreetly. It's like the fastest, easiest, quietest diaper change.

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