1. O

    Wearing and wetting when there is nowhere to change

    I go on some long walks (10 miles) where there is nowhere to change - or go to the toilet for that matter. I have a low capacity bladder - so I really would like to wear padding for these to avoid being very uncomfortable if there is nowhere to go to the toilet. So far I've actually managed to...
  2. camperspampers1

    Hunting in Diapers

    Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during this experiment. I hunt to provide meat for my family, abiding by local by-laws and practicing humane harvest techniques. For a while now I had been wondering what it would be like to wear a diaper while hunting. Being alone in the woods provides an...
  3. spdyturtle11

    crawling vs walking

    I was just wondering if you guys prefer to walk in a diaper or crawl? I just feel like crawling really emphasizes your dependency. It makes me feel like i need someone to care for me :) thoughts, opinions..?