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  • Hi, my name is Randy and I have C.P.
    Hello! Yes. I have Cerebral Palsy too, plus Autism.
    Cool. I saw you on some youtube. I love to wears pampers for 40 years now.

    I tried to accept your friend request when u first sent it but kept thinking I was doing it wrong. Now I see that it worked! I'm just curious, was there something in my profile or posts that caught your interest to friend me? Just wondering. Hope u r well.
    Oh, very cool! I'm mostly a software guy, but started working for a sensor company not long ago and ended up designing and building a bunch of their test fixtures. Another of the engineers there is a huge Arduino fan, and in shadowing him I was quickly hooked.
    You seem plenty intelligent to me caitianx why not move and be independent if you have disability or even just Medicaid you can live independently in Pa or Ma with aides you hire and fire me understand why you stay¿? Please I hats to see someone really unhappy which it seems to me you are.

    lol We've already met. XD I used to be LokiofSassgard, just changed my name is all.
    Hello new friend! ^_^ How are you? *Gives u a toy* this is a virtual stackable sailboat for you! teehee ^_^
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