1. August08

    Diaper dreams

    Share some recent diaper dreams you’ve had! Last night I dreamt I wet a diaper going down a big tall rollercoaster and another where I accidentally posted a diaper video on a normal social media >\\\< I remember the design of the diaper too, it was probably a lfb baby cutie
  2. LittleJ123

    Knowing it's Totally OK

    I just wanted to share about a nice experience I had. I was up late at home talking with a family member. They're a bit of a night owl, so nighttime tends to be best for us to catch up. They know about my little side, and are cool with me wearing and wetting around them as long as it doesn't...
  3. Nappylover145

    Clothing and diapers

    Hey! I was thinking about this and I want to start wearing more around the house (like Iv previously mentioned I still live at home with my parents I’m 19) so wearing around them is difficult as I don’t really have anything that could conceal my nappy (I love clothes and fashion it’s what makes...
  4. M4saremyfavourite

    [My] entire diaper experience in as much detail as possible.

    This is going to be my entire diaper experience in as much detail as I remember from my beginning to present day. This is also going to be a thread where others can write their own stories in as much detail as they wish. Also I should probably mark this as like a 14+ thread given some material...
  5. dearmaria94

    Most absorbent diapers?

    I know diaper wettings are 100% subjective because it depends how much you pee/etc. For reference, I can get 3, maybe 4 full bladders in a northshore megamax. Usually 2-3 max in a rearz. I haven’t been able to get 2 really full pees in a bambino without leaking; they fit snug I just pee a lot...
  6. crinklybabypants

    "Just in Case" Diapers

    Last summer my wife and I went on a car trip. A couple of days before we were going to leave I was having some bowel issues where I had a couple of poopy accidents in my pants. When we left for the trip I was in diapers just in case it continued. When we got to our destination, my diaper was...
  7. L

    disposal issues

    I suffer from bowel incontinence which my parents accept however I have a liking for wetting which my parents tell me off for doing. I was wondering if there was any way of disposal without a single person knowing. If so please reply! Alex!
  8. D

    The Road Trip- Story

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member to the forum, but I wanted to share a story that I have been working on. I enjoy writing short stories in my spare time and wanted to try writing more explicit things to try and advance my writing. This story is sort of a fantasy of mine that I have enjoyed putting...
  9. psychonautalis

    He Gets It... But, He Wants To Know Why

    Hello little and big friends, Just wanted to ask a few questions as to how you guys would answer this or respond if this were you... I've recently opened up to my partner about my diaper-wearing and my little side...and he gets it, I feel he really does. He validates me and listens...
  10. C

    Bought my first pack in 12 years

    I used to wear diapers because I like how they feel on me, and I really like wetting them. When I started dating the woman who became my wife I was mortified that she would find out so I got rid of my diapers and put that behind me. As the yeas passed I thought about diapers occasionally and how...
  11. St00FeD

    Drinks,Beer and diapers

    Who else drinks beer just to pee in diapers? I'd use to do it almost the time until I started to get fat lol now only weekends or every once in a blue moon But now I like to get 2 diapers, cut the ineer one and drink beer and play some computer games for hours not having to get up to go pee...
  12. Floofywoof

    Spring Camping Trip

    Note im not a professional writer nor am i a grammer master but i had this idea for a story and thought id put it out here. _________ Chapter one. Hi my name is Johnny, but everyone calls me John. I would like to tell you my story about my spring break. Well you see I am ten years old and small...
  13. K

    My diaper adventure

    Alright so maybe this doesn’t count as an actual “adventure” but it was fun for me. So, Sunday night, I put my diaper and PUL pants on as usual with one exception, I added a Northshore booster pad to it. I knew I was going to be alone the next day and could wear it as long as I wanted. First...
  14. L

    Finally Saw a Doctor.

    Reference post for understanding here. This morning I had a total melt-down. I woke to fresh warmth in my diaper. Ok, I thought, no problem, and turned to wake my husband, as I do every morning. Already nervous about the doctor's appointment today, I fumbled with everything as I tried to...
  15. BusterBunny

    Should I Be Worried?

    I'm gonna cut to the chase here, I've wet myself (Not on purpose, by accident) twice this week, I do have a really bad cold and both happened whilst I was washing my hands. In the past when I've had a bad cold (Specifically head cold) this has never happened, I've been completely in control of...
  16. Y

    Wetting in new places and ways

    Recently I've been able to enjoy diapers at will with my GF...now Fiancé. She has put diapers on me several times now and it has been amazing. I have wet in her company only a few times and been changed afterwards just once, which was amazing. I am sitting right now on the couch watching footy...
  17. OriginalT

    What do you like about Diapers/Wetting

    I don't really know how to start this, but I was wondering how you guys felt when you wet a diaper, what it feels like, or your favourite parts about them. Do some of you prefer to only wear and not wet? I myself do not wear diapers but I really want to start wearing every now and then so Id...
  18. S

    tomorrow will start 24/7

    So it looks like I'm going to be in the 24/7 club sooner than I anticipated. Yes I'm a DL but I'm also IC. I decided to go no diaper for a while this evening only to have leaked quite a bit on the couch. I immediately cleaned it up. But being a brand new 24/7er what do I get to look...
  19. Pokogirl

    Do you have problems eating when diapered?

    Eating and peeing both at the same time seems like an wonderful thing to do. But whenever I'm diapered I seem to lose apetite. Although I have no problem with the smell of urine. Today I had breakfast with my diapers on. I also peed during eating. Yes, it was fun. But after finishing my...
  20. Angellothefox

    I remeber someone from school

    I remeber someone from school that use to wet himself. Not by accsedent but on purpose. The teachers use to tell him off. Now that I think about it I wonder weather he wet himself because he enjoyed the feeling of it or just because he liked been told off? He even did it on one of the trips on...