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  • Hey Pramrider,

    Hope all is well with you, Found this on the local Craigslist, thought you'd get a kick out of it. 1930-40 baby stroller I love the style of this; the colors used and the roundy fenders and all.
    Hey Takashi!

    Can't complain...and even if I do, no one listens. ;) How's everything going in your neck-of-the-woods?

    Hey Pram! Hope you're doing well :) I came back after a long break from here. Just wanted to wish you happy holidays!
    Yeah I delt with that when I quit soda. I still drink it but I've gone from drinking 1 to 2 sodas a day to going to my friends house every 3 weeks or so and down 6 root beers in one night. Probly not the healthest thing in the world but when I'm at home I drink nothing but water and juice.
    I just need someone with me to workout with. It can be boring if you do it yourself but if you have someone with you then that makes it alittle more fun.
    Sorry to hear about that Pram.

    I'm hearing about more and more people that are having heart problems. I really need to be alot more active because I'm fat I need to loose wait and the last thing I want is a heart attack at 18.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers, as you heal up from your Heart Cath!! I'll also keep your family in them as well, as they will need it too!! Take care of yourself!!


    Hope you're having a great spring. We've been landscaping - removed about an acre of Himalayan blackberries (A serious noxious weed in the northwest) This has opened up wonderful areas for more fruit and flowers. This last month to six weeks has been unseasonably warm. So.. we've been planting like crazy - nine rhubarb plants, two apricot trees, a large nectarine tree, a pair of climbing roses, a Rose of Sharon, a 5 year old Trumpet Vine, Two 8 year old peach trees, 40 Red raspberry canes, 40 boysenberry canes, 40 marionberry canes. Four 30 foot grape vines (existing - they had grown up into our 60 year old Apple tree. we pulled the vines down and just placed new cedar fence poles and wire - and shazam instant vineyard). Extensively pruned our fruit trees.

    Our next major project for the next two weeks is prepping a large area for another 120 ever-bearing strawberries - that will bring our strawberry patch to 200 plants.
    Found a wonderful turn of the century Wicker pram for you to gaze at (made by the FA Whitney Carriage company). Brown wicker baby buggy/pram/carriage by Whitney Carriage Co.
    Welcome back, Pram!! **hugs**

    I am glad things got squared away & you're back online again!! ^_^
    Awesome. Be careful though and make sure to be padded while trying it for the first time! You need something to catch your butt if you fall! ^_^
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