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    Ohhh.... I get to be first to welcome you, brb.
    When did you get VIP? o_O

    Or am I just blind? D:
    Nice avatar. ^_^ I saw you on the thread about Why kids are attracted to diapers.
    Hey there!! ^_^

    Thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship!! **hugs**
    Just rembered finding the shamwow one. Saw some of the others, pretty funny.
    *huggles* how's you going?
    Kenshi, I added an edit to the baby furniture thread in the Teen Baby forum. I received the fabric baby jumper seat today and I'm surprised at the amount of room in it. The leg holes just need opening up by taking out an inch or so of stitching, as you mentioned. Now I'm anxious to get the rest of the jumper and hook it up. Sure hope it can hold my 145lbs without breaking, though I know the spring could bottom out if my full weight is in it. Have to see what happens...


    YAY! i got a post on my messages!

    ANYWAY, i just checked the video, and its AWESOME! and pretty cool that there is another steampunk-esque (<-SP?) guy here on the forums!

    and thanks for the welcome! :)
    I've got a bit of a thing for the Tesla coils and waistcoats, I do :)
    Why hello thar.
    I saw you from across a disc and i herd u liek certain types of...mud~, if you...catch my drift.
    Crazy kenshi~.
    *walks backwards, waving hands in front of him*
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