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  • Diapered Rabbit,

    I know what you mean. I am seriously thinking about abandoning my presence here. I appreciate what adisc has done for me, in that it has given me an opportunity to visit and meet a number of others. If it were not for this website, I do not think I would ever had conversed with others who share in this same desire. I have learned a lot about myself, but I am thinking that perhaps what was meant for me to gain here is about over.

    I wish I knew where else to go. There is no other place that I feel is as secure and "non-vulgar" as here. But the conversation just isn't doing anything for me, and I do not feel that I am getting much out of the site anymore. The conversation has waned from discussing the more insightful discussion of being ab/dl to more surface level discussion on the types of diapers to wear, etc. I yearn for more in depth discussion on why ab/dl's have this interest, and even just chit/chat on meaningful things that are part of peoples lives.
    Hey DR! Man, I wish we had some of the white stuff here, it was definitely cold enough for it last night! (and it's supposed to be 80 by Sunday I think, lol) Glad to hear things are warm and well in your world. I am eating well ( TOO well, looking at my pant size!) and having some laughs when I can, so life in the South ain't too bad! Y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving =)
    Hey There Diapered Rabbit,

    Thanks for the link! That's the exact stroller I rode in, and still have vague memories of, when I was a preschooler in the early 1950s. It's actually a 1940s Taylor Tot stroller made by the Frank A. Taylor Co. The 1940s model had the turned wood handle grip like this one. In the 1950s, the handle was made of round tubular steel all the way around. The one I rode in was a hand-me-down from one of my older twin sisters, who were born in 1944. The $80 asking price is not bad at all. I've seen them go for much more on ebay despite this model still being very plentiful. Wish I still had my old set of little wheels, but it disappeared when we moved from a house to an apartment when I turned five years old. There just wasn't any room to hang onto old baby things no longer needed. :(

    Hope everything is going well with you and your family, too! :)

    Haha yeah I'm alright. Hurrican was nothing big to PR. Didn't have light for a day and water. But not biggie... PR is made for hurricanes. Thanks for wondering. ^^ All is well...
    It's close to the Hardanger region in Norway in the municipality of Vindafjord. What you see is the Hardanger Plateau, and it's glacier; i can't say the exact location though, as i can't quite remember, but it was within that area. Hope that helps. ;)
    Hey there Diapered Rabbit,

    Its been a while since I said Hello. I've been spending a lot of time cruising the forums, but not a lot of interaction with folks. Just wondering how's life?
    What? Is he leaving? I haven't been on in forever. Email me.
    I tried replying to your pm to me, but I got msg saying I'm not allowed. Anyway, thx for the welcome and the personal touch. My 1st thought was it was a form letter sent by the system, then you added your family & history, which I enjoyed reading. I sent you a friend request and look forward to knowing you. :)
    I'm jealous DR. When I was a kid I had a Hammond B-3. Like a fool I sold it when I was in college. I played in a band and it took four of us to load it into the back of a pick up truck. I also had the Lesley speaker with the rotating horns. That weighed 200 lbs and it didn't have anything to grab a hold of. I hope you have fun playing it. Nothing else has that Hammond sound!
    Hey ;) Yep, I own one of those. Fun to hear that I'm not the only musician on here :D I only play piano tho, but I am a very good improviser, so I like messing around with other instruments too heh :p I've played for like four years now.
    What do you consider is your main instrument?
    Yes I have noticed that! It makes me want to scream! Arrggghhhh!!! :p

    Lol have you managed to find the setting now?
    Hiya Diapered Rabbit havent heard from you in a while hehe yeah im liking my new computer pretty nice, and I feel for you on house remodeling hehe it is a pain in the diapered bum. I am doing pretty good though its good to hear from you hope all is well with you
    thank you for your kind word's I'm just happy that Thar are people her welling to help me than to say your spelling is bad we don't wont you her. I know that not what Thar saying but it fill like it sum time's
    I tried to reply to you comment that you sent me in private, I can't for somereason, yes I posted that I'd dated / baby sat teen babies, yes, I'm over 18,

    but an ex bf of mine whom i dated from when he was over 16(legal age of consent in my country) till he was over 17 was a teen (hence his age) and was a baby (thus teen && baby). THUS I am not sure how I am "making inappropriate comments to minors.

    It's clear frank open discussion is not allow on here, and your comment that i "wont last 2 days" althought welcoming, and warming as it was, should have maybe been "I hope you stay for 2 days, we do retract the claws and stop calling new members perverts :D
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